10 tips to have success with digital signage

Every day we come across a lot of Digital Signage devices that are rapidly “conquering” all areas of our daily lives. While the hardware component is getting better, the contents are becoming more focused and interactive, after an initial quite static phase that mirrors the “old-style” advertisements.

But what are the parameters to be considered for the creation of an effective Digital Signage strategy?

A growing sector

As we have already mentioned, Digital Signage is growing and rapidly evolving: from devices with increasingly spectacular, thin, performing and curved displays that show advertising and information contents, to self-service solutions that allow ever greater interaction with the user, who can carry out some operations independently.

Every sector is investing in Digital Signage solutions and the growth is expected to continue over the next few years.

➡️ It is possible to notice an ever-increasing orientation towards the search for the maximum involvement of people through interactivity, with the aim of improving the quality of their experience within the point of sale. At the same time, thanks to the progressively widespread self-service kiosks, users can perform a few operations, avoiding queues and overloading work for staff.

Reliability and contents

To get noticed in the overexposure of all kinds of multimedia contents to which each of us is now used to, it is necessary to make specific choices regarding both the containers and the contents.

⭕️ The choice of the device should be based on its real use, with a focus on the reliability and possibility of update with more modern components that will inevitably be developed over the years.

⭕️ The contents should abandon the initial static to become interactive and appealing to capture the attention of people, more addicted and used to a constant media bombardment.

➡️ How is it possible to make the most of a Digital Signage device?

10 useful tips for Digital Signage

Without claiming to be exhaustive we offer 10 simple tips that could help those who decide to invest in Digital Signage, to increase effectiveness, efficiency and involvement.


The management of the device (external or internal) must ensure the highest possible degree of accessibility to the user/customer. In the case of an external self-service kiosk, it is necessary to put in place all the necessary measures to guarantee its services always available to everyone (protection from atmospheric agents, vandal-proof, touchscreen, visibility even in broad daylight and much more).


As already mentioned, the focus is increasingly on the active involvement of people, who must not only be “targets” of advertisements but must be able to perform some operations independently, thus reducing waiting times (buy a ticket but also consult the catalogue of products in a store).

Customer at the centre

In every choice of Digital Signage, it is necessary to keep in mind that the customer must maintain a central role. Without customers and users, Digital Signage would have no reason to exist.

Avoid confusion

The contents should be created in a careful way so as not to be too confusing, redundant and difficult to perceive, focusing on dynamism without exaggerating.

⑤ Content quality

What is proposed on the devices reflects its own brand. The highest possible quality is therefore necessary, both in terms of images and videos and in relation to texts.

Customized contents

Simply repeating the own website does not produce positive effects. The contents must be tailored to the type of device, to the position and kind of customer (a content with too much text, for example, may not be so attractive).


The position of the device must be chosen carefully, to be easily visible and (if the focus is on interactivity) easily reachable by everyone.

Know the audience

Creating content for a specific target audience is certainly a winning choice. At the same time, it is necessary to offer people the possibility of “doing something” (Call-to-action) in order to allow them to participate.

Social media

Linking your messages and content with social media can increase web traffic, interest, trust and the number of customers.


The choice of a scalable and expandable device allows the availability of an always efficient and updated product over time.

The world of technology does not allow us to stop, but needs continuous updates to adapt to every change, including the trends and needs of users and customers. Being flexible and adaptable enables to capitalize on the investments over the years.

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