Italian Production & Design – of a range of own – brand Hardware solutions such as Panel PC, Industrial Monitor, Interactive Kiosk since 1983.

Panel PC, BOX PCs, Industrial Monitor

Interactive kiosks, digital signage solution

all in one PC, mini PC, Server

Smart Parking Systems

IT Cart

Healthcare IT Cart

Panel PC, industrial monitor, interactive kiosk

Italian Hardware Production & Design

Top quality technology makes your job safer, more efficient and more flexible.

Industrial Solution: Panel PC, Industrial Monitor, BOX PCs

Our hardware solutions for the industry are designed to renew and reinvent production processes.

Indeed, precisely for these reasons all our products are characterized by different peculiarities aimed at creating exemplary design and functionality.

Moreover, our panel computers and industrial monitors are in use by the most important Italian and international industrial companies such as SCM Group, Antares Vision and also IMA Macchine.

panel pc

Hardware for a more efficient hospital sector

We create technologies to meet management needs within the hospital sector.

Computerized mobile carts and hospital PCs for medical and nursing staff, with the aim of making patient rehabilitation more practical and functional.
These solutions currently serve some of the Italian excellence in health care such as the hospital company of Padua.

Smart Parking Systems

The hardware and software solution to efficiently manage  the parking lots and all its activities:

  • search for a free seat;
  • parking payment;
  • verification of infringements;
  • statement of receipts;
  • plant maintenance;
  • planning of mobility policies;
  • additional information to users.

It is a technology aimed toward Municipalities and Administrations that want to become protagonists of the city of the future, where people and the environment live together in total synergy.

Digital signage solutions: Interactive Kiosks

Totems and interactive tables, Self-service kiosk and InfoPoint are exceptional tools to interact with the public and engaging actions.

These solutions are generally created to support the distribution of information in all industrial, service and public sector sectors.

Indeed, our digital totems are in use in different contexts as in the hybrid PINKO retail shops and also in the municipalities, as is the case of the city of Turin.

interactive kiosk

Office solutions: All in one PC, mini PC and Server

In most Italian offices many IT devices are actually solutions entirely realized by Intercomp, within a dedicated production line.

Indeed we create solutions even with different brands, if requested by our customer or distribution channel.

The size of our distribution channel has become increasingly broader over the years, leading us today to produce over 15,000 office devices a year.

Made to measure hardware

Together with our customers we can create customized solutions based on specific needs or production processes.

It is a characteristic element of Intercomp, in fact since the beginning of our industrial growth we have always tried to satisfy those particular needs of the market that represent the most demanding contexts.

Starting from our solutions such as PC Panels and Industrial Monitors, interactive totems and computerized trolleys, we come to create highly performing unique devices. Some examples are:


  • The consoles for SCM Group
  • Vending kiosk for Bassilichi
  • Industrial totems for ATM Milan
  • PC Panel for Hyperbaric chambers – Drass submarine technology

Hardware manufacturing in the focus – A constantly evolving sector

Come and see us at our Intercomp events and follow our updates on hardware technologies

I, (industrial) Robot

Industrial robotics has reached very high levels of efficiency, making it impossible in many cases to carry out work without its use.

Artificial Intelligence and human beings

It is thought the AI will soon make human work obsolete but in reality it can rarely achieve excellent results alone.

Industry X.O: how to achieve results with digital transformation

A research by Accenture about the implementation of digital technologies within Italian companies. Find out how the change proceeds.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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