Advanced software requires quality hardware: Emerson and Intercomp together

It is known that software and hardware are two essential components of each other and that perfect compatibility is required to obtain the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. But as the complexity of the applications increases, the quality of the hardware devices on which they are implemented must be also improved.

Our collaboration with Emerson becomes a strength for anyone who wants to use a complete and sophisticated solution, for all types of industrial contexts, even extremely complex ones.


A consolidated partnership

The partnership between Intercomp and Emerson (then Progea) has been active for years and represents a complementary collaboration in which different skills meet to give life to complete solutions capable of making a difference in every industrial operating context.

Emerson has been designing and producing software dedicated to automation since 1990, an experience that allows the company to create products, for Italy and abroad, built on standard, simple, open and flexible architectures. Emerson uses a scalable SCADA platform, which can be integrated into any system and decisively oriented towards the future.

Intercomp devices, designed with the possibility of supporting any type of industrial software, can be integrated with Emerson software, to provide the customer with an advanced and ready-to-use tool, capable of managing any type of automated line at the highest levels.

It is a partnership between two companies with considerable experience, increased and perfected over the years, and an openness to the future that allows them to better face the great changes taking place in the technological and industrial fields.

Emerson’s software offering

Among the applications developed by Emerson, integrated in Italy and around the world in the management systems of production contexts, Movicon series is certainly one of the best known and most used.


Movicon.NExT is an industrial-grade software platform designed as a modular solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, Plant Analytics and Industrial Analysis, able to overcome the limited use of traditional technologies (SCADA/HMI).


  • Maximum openness and interoperability with the system.
  • Maximum scalability, with a single configuration environment.
  • Faster development times.
  • Fully compliant with standards.
  • Maximum security in managing data and authentications.
  • Highest levels of connectivity to devices and applications.

Movicon WebHMI is a solution for running Movicon.NExT projects that uses Web technology completely independent of hardware and operating system.


  • Connectivity to all PLCs using OPC UA.
  • Scalability and adaptable features.
  • Designed to be cross-platform and hardware independent.
  • Fully compliant with market standards.
  • Maximum security for data and authentications.
  • Totally web based with HTML5 and SVG technologies, with graphics rendering managed in the browser.

Movicon 11.6 is a complete, reliable and scalable platform, ideal for every type of need within all automation sectors.


  • Openness to integrations and customizations.
  • Guaranteed scalability, with the possibility of using a single software.
  • Simple, intuitive and complete configuration.
  • Maximum connectivity.
  • Optimal performance for multiple devices.
  • Optimal data recording.

Our quality hardware

Intercomp has been designing and manufacturing hardware since 1983 and has always stood out for the excellent levels of quality and reliability of its products, which over the years have spanned many application sectors, to finally focus on industrial automation.

We have managed to become a point of reference in the field of hardware technologies, also thanks to the approach with the customer focused on listening to needs, on the possibility of customization and on after-sales assistance.

The collaboration with Emerson allows us to offer a complete product of extremely high quality, a powerful machine equipped with advanced and performing software capable of optimally managing the levels of operation required by an industrial automation context.

Software and hardware represent two sides of the same coin as they both contribute to determining the quality and efficiency of an operating environment. For the choice it is therefore important to consider highly specialized suppliers rich in experience in the field, who can also provide assistance both after and before the purchase.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Since 1983, we have been designing and manufacturing Panel PCs, Monitors, and Industrial PCs in Italy. Our mission is to enhance the design and functionality of the interfaces between humans and machines, making each interaction unique.

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