All-In-One, maximum versatility, high performance

All-In-One PCs Evo are ideal work platform for customers who consider compact size and the ability to fit into the environment elegantly without being invasive.


10-touches touchscreen system

All-In-One PC Evo is equipped with a particularly sensitive capacitive touchscreen system, multi-touch type up to 10 contemporary touches, specifically chosen for its superior quality.


Up to 32 GB of RAM

Although it has a rigid structure, the All-In-One PC can nevertheless be configured in order to take its performance to a higher level, while at the same time keeping costs low.

Multiple uses

The All-In-One PC Evo has been developed with the intention of creating the ideal device for the office, the home and the sales point. Its striking design and extensive range of functions have made this product into a universal tool.


Suitable for continuous use

All-In-One PC Evo is an office hardware product designed to be used continuously in a range of different environments, without sacrificing quality and performance.


Adjustable stand

The stand of the All-In-One PC Evo can be chosen among different types and colours, according to customer needs: in glass and plastic with adjustable structure or in aluminium with fixed structure.


Integrated communication systems

The All-In-One PC has also been produced to reduce the space required by external platforms. Integrated communication systems have been developed precisely in order to respond to these needs.
Modern design

The attractive and striking design of the All-In-One PC Evo case is the result of meticulous attention from our production team.

MonitorLCD with LED technology 21,5″ Wide (16:9) Full HD (1920×1080)
Touchscreen10-touches projected capacitive
Accessories (integrated)Webcam, card reader, speakers, microphone
Accessories (external)Italian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
CertificationCE, RoHS
ColoursBlack/Silver | White/Black/Silver

Our service includes


Technical support

Advanced technical support is available. Depending on the type of contract stipulated at the time of purchase, it is possible to make use of a complete hardware technical support service, also on-site.

Post-sales support

Constant direct contact. One of our great advantages is that our retailers can count on a company that is constantly present. We are able to assist with distribution procedures in different phases depending on the requirements arising, to the extent that if necessary we can also put you in touch with the production line.

Free advance replacement service

Becoming a retailer for Intercomp products guarantees the provision of a high-quality service that goes well beyond the products themselves. This service involves immediate substitution of any part that is not in line with the order for any reason, and/or has manufacturing defects.

Customised warranty

Depending on the requirements of our retailers, we are able to offer them different types of warranty, in order to provide immediate service centre repairs, technical support directly on site and long-term extensions to the warranty.

Free consultancy

Our sales support for office computer products also includes a free consultancy service, helping our retailers to choose the most suitable item for satisfying the requirements of their final customers. The result is that an excellent product can be offered without sacrificing the retailer’s profit margin.

Free shipping

In order to meet the needs of our retailers we also offer a free shipping service, a financial benefit with the guarantee of a high-quality service.


Is it possible to customise the devices?
Thanks to our production and planning teams the devices have endless customisation possibilities. We can just apply the label of clients or retailers or we can develop customised solutions for specific needs.
What is the level of integration?
Our devices were built in order to adapt itself to multiple uses, so they have an high level of compatibility with all software in use.
Is a PC All-In-One reliable?
An All-In-One PC can have more features than a Desktop PC, for example its versatility in adapting to sales point’s systems.

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