A unique working experience

All-In-One Flex PCs are solutions with a sophisticated design and high performance able to guarantee a sensational working experience. It is a powerful and elegant device designed to work in complete freedom.


Extraordinary performance

Thanks to Intel® Core™ last generation processors it is possible to satisfy all processing requirements.

The efficiency of the system also affects the performance of the precise and rapid-response touchscreen, which allows more than one user to interact simultaneously.


Multi-touch display

The large bright 23.6″ monitor combines modern and elegant design with particularly sophisticated multi-touch technology, up to 10 touches.

It can also be used in a group situation and allows excellent control, facilitating zooming, rotation and page scrolling.


Multifunctional solution

The All-In-One PC Flex is an excellent office solution that can however be used in many other contexts.

Its processing capacity and advanced graphic performance make it a striking high-performance device for example both for the sales points and for technical offices.


Excellent graphic performance

The hardware technology of the All-In-One PC makes it possible to obtain advanced graphic performance, thanks to the use of a 16:9 wide screen capable of reproducing multimedia files in Full HD.
Modern design
A structure designed in order to optimize your operations and increase the quality of your work.
MonitorLCD with LED technology 23,6″ Wide (16:9) Full HD (1920×1080)
Touchscreen10-touches projected capacitive
Accessories (integrated)Webcam, card reader, speakers, microphone
Accessories (external)Italian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Our service includes


Free consultancy

Our customer service department is the division within our company responsible for supporting our customers at several distribution levels.

For example, it is possible to provide technical support for participation in calls for tender and competitions, for which we often work alongside our partners to jointly create the best offer to ensure success.


Customised warranty

In the contractual phase it is possible to modify the warranty conditions according to requirements, requesting support directly in the installation area for the All-In-One system or more simply an extended period of technical support.

Free delivery and supply management

This is a free delivery service also designed to manage the possible shipping requirements of our distributors.

We are thus able to keep part of the order in the warehouse, supplying it at different stages, on the basis of agreements stipulated with our distributors.


Advanced technical support

The All-In-One products include both a warranty service, designed to resolve any problems that may arise during the use of the device, and a customer support service on several levels.


Wireless keyboard doesn't work correctly.
Wireless keyboard’s malfunctions generally depend on lack of charge.
Lateral USB ports don't work.
It can happen when huge capacity memory drives are connected. In this case it’s better to use rear USB ports because they are directly connected with motherboard.
How is possible to open an All-In-One PC?
The opening of an All-In-One PC could be a particularly complicated operation because plastic parts could break. For this reason we recommend to bring it to repair in a service center like ours.
All-In-One PC doesn't turn off the disc.
If the device doesn’t completely turn itself off in most cases it’s a problem of Windows 10 software, usually the quick launch. It’s possible to disable it to solve the problem.

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