All-In-One PCs, the evolution of IT for office: superior versatility and efficiency

All-In-One, beyond office PC

All-In-One technologies were realised in order to create complete and superior solutions incredibly adaptable to various functions, from sales point to office, keeping low costs.

All-In-One PC Evo 110

Evo 110 is a very flexible and compact IT solution adaptable to multiple functions, keeping performance to an high level with modern and appealing design.

All-In-One PC Flex 110

Flex 110 is equipped with a very powerful hardware structure, to respond to the most demanding contexts. It is characterized by large 24″ display and advanced graphics performance.

All-In-One Evo 110

22″ display with several different types of stand.

All-In-One Flex 110

24″ display, advanced graphic performance.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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