Capacitive industrial monitors

Extremely efficient and reliable solutions for industrial automation processes

Capacitive industrial monitor 

A line of monitors designed to guarantee efficiency and quality within any industrial context. These are extremely reliable products with a very elegant design.

Monitor iCOMAC 7200


True Flat, VESA mounting, IP65 frontal protection degree with USB connector, designed for continuous use.

Multi-touch touchscreen up to 10 simultaneous touches that can be used even when wearing work gloves, suitable for installation to operator panel.

Monitor iCOMAC 8200


UL, CSA and EAC certifications, True-Flat, IP65 frontal protection and customizable button panel in three different versions.

Multi-touch touchscreen up to 10 simultaneous touches that can be used even when wearing work gloves, USB connector on the frame.

iCOMAC 7200

True Flat, multi-touch touchscreen, VESA mounting and operator panel.

iCOMAC 8200

UL, CSA and EAC certifications, True Flat, customizable button panel, multi-touch touchscreen, VESA mounting.

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