Computerised hospital cart trolleys


Suitable for continuous use




Easy to manage and maintain


Touchscreen system

Efficient solutions for hospital environments

Padua hospital, considered to be one of the best in Italy, began a process of computerising the activities of the various health departments, with a view to providing excellent support for medical and nursing staff.


Continuous use and sanitizable

The computerised cart trolleys for medical use have sophisticated batteries capable of lasting up to 8 hours, with the possibility of hot swapping.

IT cart trolleys for hospital use are developed following the specific sanitisation requirements in force in hospitals. They can be cleaned with disinfectants and other sanitising solutions commonly used in hospitals.


High-performance graphics

IT cart trolleys are able to reproduce multi-dimensional images and data, exploiting last generation graphics drivers and processors guaranteeing reliability and power.


High level of software integration

The computerised carts can be very easily integrated with software applications already present at the healthcare facilities or specially developed by the healthcare facilities themselves.

Customer needs

⭕️ To computerise activities on the ward using completely new solutions equipped with All-In-One PCs.

⭕️ To integrate old solutions adopted with the All-In-One PCs into new and more efficient computerised carts.

⭕️ A hardware system that could be easily integrated with the software applications already developed.

Developed solution

✅ We produced two series of computerised carts with the All-In-One PCs, specially created to respect the specific sanitisation requirements.

✅ The same approach was adopted for the adjustable height carts with mechanical support, which can incorporate the old PCs already adopted by the hospital.

FeedBack: what they say about our solution

“It’s certified that in Medical Operational Units of Padua hospital are operating computerised hospital cart trolleys made by Intercomp S.P.A., with various models:

The devices facilitate the activity of the staff, also by managing all medical and nursing information in real time.

The products are suitable for practical application.”

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