Custom industrial rack PCs

CUSTOM industrial rack PCs






High performance

Custom rack PCs installed on automatic machines for electronic device testing

SPEA Italian technological excellence

Since 1976 SPEA designs and manufactures automatic machines for testing electronic devices, such as semiconductor wafers, microchips, sensors and MEMS, electronic cards, power modules and electronic products. From cars to smartphones, from tablets to the most complex devices in the aerospace, medical and military sectors. It is with SPEA machines that electronics and semiconductor manufacturers all over the world guarantee the quality and reliability of their products every day.

Custom industrial rack PCs

Excellent performance

The superior performance of custom industrial rack PCs can guarantee the entire production line a series of efficient machines capable of supporting devices that work at high speed and with extreme precision, for long continuity over time.

PCs are designed to withstand demanding workloads, making them suitable for continuous use while maintaining high levels of uptime.


Highly customizable

The devices, thanks to their high degree of expandability, can be customized in order to specifically meet the customer’s needs.

There are many types of configurations: it is possible to choose the components, add or modify them, to have total control over your device regarding the performance and specificity of the production line in which it will be inserted.

Customer needs

➡️ Have a rackmount product that guarantees high levels of reliability and an extended life span, compatible with the characteristics of the automatic testing systems in which it will be installed.

➡️ Being able to count on a scalable device, to allow the customer the possibility of increasing the performance of the testing system processes based on the specific needs of component testing.

➡️ Use a solution capable of guaranteeing the levels of speed required by the testing system, which must offer adequate productivity to high-volume production lines of electronic products.

Developed solution

✅ An efficient and reliable industrial PC rack positioned within the SPEA testing system.

Parts availability up to 10 years, to guarantee an extended life cycle for SPEA solutions.

✅ The custom configuration allows SPEA test systems to sustain high speeds in the development and execution of component test programs.

✅ The wide expandability allows you to choose the type and method of connection to external peripherals.

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