CUSTOM-BUILT multimedia stands


Fully interactive


Turnkey solution


Special structure

Custom multimedia stands Lottomatica: from idea to delivery in 5 months

We were chosen by international leaders in the gaming sector to create a unique solution, an innovation on the entertainment market.

The crowning of a dream. The value of a custom-made project cannot be measured solely on the basis of the technological content involved in a solution, but rather by the ability to develop a unique product, starting from the requirements, ideas, discussion and exchange of opinions. It is the result of a solid and honest relationship between people.


Double capacitive touchscreen display

The interactive nature of the multimedia stand for Better Lottomatica is extended with the functions of the dual touchscreen display, allowing users to interact simultaneously with several elements and at the same time monitor the progress of games.

Software integration

Our software development department supported the project with the scope of integrating the applications used in gaming rooms. The multimedia stand was delivered already prepared for use.


Very rapid design and production times

In less than 6 months, starting from an unstructured idea, we succeeded in producing 500 interactive multimedia stands, with an extremely high level of technology and meticulous project research.


Exceeding expectations

The project for the frame was designed to take into consideration future expansion, in order to allow our customer to renew the device without the need to replace it completely.

Totally self-service

The hardware peripherals of custom multimedia stands Lottomatica enable the device to be completely independent.

With a view to the future evolution of technology, we considered it necessary to incorporate a kit capable of reading credit carts without needing to be configured within these media stands.

Customer needs

⭕️ To create a new store concept, dynamic and accessible to everyone, and that integrated new and technological forms of entertainment.

⭕️ Entirely self-service devices that combined different applications.

⭕️ A device that could also communicate with other peripherals, such as mobile devices and user apps.

⭕️ An attractive ergonomic design that would also be able to deal with all types of peripherals, in order to ensure its practicality.

Developed solution

✅ A multimedia stand with a double 22″ touchscreen monitor, able to accept banknotes, coins and credit cards.

✅ A solution equipped with a bluetooth receiver and RFID allowing to receive and send data to apps on users’ mobile devices.

✅ An 82.5 mm thermal printer and optical readers to manage the games played.

✅ Sophisticated design that is the fruit of visionary planning, thanks to valid collaboration with the Better team at Lottomatica.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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