Custom-built multimedia stand


Suitable for 24hrs use


Waterproof on all sides


Easy to manage and maintain

Interactive customized solution

We were selected for an international project that consisted of the installation of a series of multimedia stands in Greece on the occasion of the launch of new Sony Ericsson mobile devices.


Suitable for continuous use

The custom multimedia stands for Sony Ericsson are designed with an hardware structure also allowing to be used continuously for long periods of time.


Webcam and wireless printer

The Sony Ericsson multimedia stand represents the initial smartphones allowing the first multimedia operations.

Inside it indeed includes a webcam in order to take and print photographs, thanks to the use of wireless technology, activated by the button on the front of the case, which in turn activated a digital printer present in the store.


High-performance graphics

The graphic performance of the custom multimedia stands is excellent, proving able to support high-definition images and videos.

Customer needs

⭕️ To create an interactive solution for the launch of the new C905 mobile phone.

⭕️ To faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the mobile phone.

⭕️ To create a solution for indoor use that during the day could also be positioned outside the sales point.

⭕️ A solution that could immediately print the images acquired.

Developed solution

An Interactive stand reproducing the Sony Ericsson C905 telephone, with webcam and printer that could be activated by a button on the front, positioned inside the sales point.

A lightweight structure that could be moved with reasonable ease by people inside the sales point.

A structure that could continue to function effectively for a substantial length of time during the opening hours of the sales points.

An integrated webcam capable of taking photographs with 8.1 mega pixel resolution.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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