Digital display for pharmacies Digifarm


Outdoor device


High brightness display


Configurable function keys


Customizable logo

Communicate useful information quickly and immediately

Digifarm digital display for pharmacies is a device that can be installed externally and provide the customers with a wide range of useful information, such as the list of pharmacies on duty, timetables or even advertising messages.

Messages management

With Digifarm display is possible to set different types of messages to be transmitted digitally, simply and immediately.

The customer can consult the addresses and hours of pharmacies on duty but can also be informed, through advertisements, about any promotions offered by the shop.


Designed for outdoor

The display is an outdoor device, designed for installation outside pharmacies.

The 15″ high brightness LCD display allows excellent visibility even in bright sunlight and makes the consultation possible at any time of the day.

Customer needs

⭕️ To have a product that can communicate service information and commercial messages to customers quickly, immediately and effectively.

⭕️ To install a solution designed for outdoor use, which guarantees good readability in all lighting conditions.

⭕️ To make some customizations on the device, according to own needs.

Developed solution

✅ With the Digifarm digital display is possible to create service messages, such as the list of pharmacies on duty with addresses and timetables, but also commercial offers, such as any promotions in place.

✅ The device has been designed for outdoor installation and has a high brightness display that allows excellent visibility even in bright conditions.

✅ The product can be customized with an own logo, but also the function keys can be configured according to customer needs.

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