Hyperbaric panel PC


Suitable for 24hrs use


Waterproof on all sides


Easy to manage and maintain


Touchscreen system


Reinforced structure

Solutions for environments subject to very high pressure

We were chosen by the leader in underwater technology to create a tablet PC suitable for operating in diving chambers characterised by internal pressure of up to 30 bar and with mixtures of helium/oxygen up to a maximum of around 98%.

Deep-sea divers use this tool designed for Drass underwater technology managing data and images transmitted by colleagues underwater or support staff.


Suitable for 24hrs use

A solution using modern technology capable of increasing the performance of the device, making it possible to work with the greatest possible efficiency in a continuous way.

Thanks to a modern fanless cooling system, the device is also able to maintain an ideal operating temperature, without overheating and reducing sound disturbance to zero.


Excellent level of protection

The structure of the device has been produced to cope with an environment exposed to critical conditions and contact with water.

For this reason, the materials and composition of the frame were very carefully chosen, with a view to creating a device that is waterproof on all sides and resistant to very high pressure.


High-performance graphics

The incredibly high quality of the graphics on these devices is made possible thanks to a combination of choices as regards the various components that did not concern only the graphics drivers.

For example, the decision to use capacitive sensing was intentionally made to allow advanced graphic performance.

Customer needs

⭕️ One of the most important Italian companies in the world in the development of marine technology, Drass underwater technology, asked us to develop a solution for their team of deep-sea divers.

⭕️ A small panel PC to be used in diving chambers during the long wait for decompression stops.

⭕️ A high-performance device that could also connect to the Internet, even in the most difficult contexts.

Developed solution

✅ We developed a panel PC that could also be used with extreme pressure, keeping the environment in which it is installed totally safe.

✅ For the first time in history we have succeeded in providing deep-sea divers with an instrument that allows them to stay in contact with the outside world during the long phases of decompression.

✅ A unique instrument and an exciting challenge that gave rise to a product created with ingenuity and enthusiasm.

FeedBack: what they say about our solution

“It’s a well-structured product, that exceeded our expectations. It was important for us that our directions were understood, in order to create the product we designed. We also appreciated the attention on keeping low costs in line with our possibilities”.

Andrea Sartor – Technical Director Drass

Intercomp S.p.A.

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