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HMI panel PC for the 4.0 food industry

We have created with Thermo Fisher Scientific a hardware solution that, according to customer specifications, could guarantee the in-field upgrade of previously installed systems, as well as an update on new installations. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in product control and diagnostics solutions for a variety of industries: food, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial. It is one of the most important global companies in the sector, with an annual turnover exceeding 25 billion dollars and with over 75,000 employees worldwide.

PC panel industriali con enclosure Rittal

Product tracking for internationalization

Thermo Fisher is a global company that markets solutions worldwide.

It was important to provide a product that was updated from the hardware point of view but could be implemented on both new and existing machines. This customization did not concern only the hardware part but also the software part, with the migration of the customer’s applications on the new IoT operating systems.

It was essential to guarantee the customer the highest reliability and stability of the HMI PC, also tracking and checking the firmware revisions of each individual hardware component.

In this way it was possible to supply a single PC HMI product valid for all customer applications, guaranteeing the supply to the production plants of Thermo Fisher Scientific Franklin, Thermo Scientific Shanghai, GES Manufacturing Services Malaysia and Thermo Ramsey Italia.

The HMI PC is an open frame solution, without an aluminium or steel case given the need for installation inside the customer’s machine. Precisely this aspect makes technical design compelling, which must confront and meticulously test the various technical characteristics of the product, to allow excellent compatibility between technologies.


Customization based on customer requests

The panel PC created for Thermo Fisher Scientific is a solution that is the result of a synergistic collaboration between our technical department and the customer’s technical department, a customized process that we always set up where there are special needs.

The HMI PC created in fact needs to be installed inside machines of well-defined dimensions both in terms of overall dimensions and as fixings.

Customer needs

⭕️ Have a panel PC solution for the food industry that could combine the needs of economic sustainability with performance, necessary for the automated weighing process.

⭕️ Have a solution to be integrated within a compact machine, maintaining the maximum degree of protection necessary for the industrial contexts in which it operates.

⭕️ A custom-made solution built on specific needs but with the typical characteristics of a product sold worldwide.

Developed solution

✅ For the engineering of the 10.4″ open frame panel PC, the purchasing department and the technical department have carried out meticulous work to identify the ideal components, balancing economic sustainability with operational performance.

✅ An accurate technical study was carried out to integrate Intercomp hardware within Thermo Fisher Scientific hardware, through an excellent symbiosis between departments and skills.

✅ An orchestra of needs and solutions have resulted in customized technical specifications, characterizing every single part of the solution thanks to Intercomp efficient and modern production process.


FeedBack: what they think of our solution

“From the very beginning of the collaboration, Intercomp technical and commercial staff have demonstrated competence and a sense of partnership, necessary to be able to develop the product in the best possible way. Although we had an extremely limited timeline, in short time we were able to have a customized product according to request and capable to respond 100% to our needs. We have also extended the use of this product globally, obtaining excellent feedback from the colleagues involved about the functionality and simplicity of configuration”.

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