Industrial monitors for precision machines


Capacitive touchscreen


Tempered glass


High graphics performance

Industrial monitors for precision machines

AFT Automation: production of precision machines

AFT S.p.A. is a leader in the production of special machines for industrial applications. Satisfying automation needs for important companies in the automotive sector, diamond, hard metal, food, injection moulding, thermosets and more. This goal is achieved also through its COMEC and ARGAFABES brands and thanks to the synergy for industrial robotics with the subsidiary TECNOMATIC.

Sede AFT

⭕️ Over the years of experience AFT has gained extremely focused technical skills, improving the ability to study, engineer and produce machines with a high capacity to support 4.0 production processes. A further advantage of AFT is certainly its international spirit, which denotes a company in constant growth and expansion at an international level.

⭕️ AFT boasts currently 100 employees, with offices in Piacenza, Milan and Osimo (AN), active support branches in Honk-Kong, Shanghai (China), Baar (Switzerland), Mühlacker (Germany), and with acquisition processes of other companies in progress.

⭕️ Based on values such as growth, research and training, it is committed to providing and supporting its customers through tailor-made solutions, such as machines and complete system devices managed by unquestionable technological leadership. All this is possible thanks to the widespread presence of the company on a global level. Currently AFT is an exclusive supplier, able to supply the vast majority of machines capable of supporting the most technologically advanced production processes, in order to satisfy its customers in various sectors all over the world.


Capacitive touchscreen

The screen of industrial monitors for precision machines is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen and allows operators to interact with the system and monitor its progress.

This type of technology also allows to view complex interfaces in 3D, interacting with them thanks to the possibility of multiple touches.


Frontal IP65 degree of protection

In all its versions, the degree of protection from liquids and from dust and at the same time from any processing residues of this type of True Flat industrial monitors is IP65.

The anodized aluminium frame guarantees a high degree of sanitization and considerable resistance.

Monitor industriali per macchine di precisione

Customer needs

⭕️ A device with a high degree of reliability and resistance to eliminate any risk related to dust or processing residues.

⭕️ Capacitive touchscreen capable of facilitating the use of modern software technologies, also thanks to multi-touch technology.

⭕️ Possibility of panel mounting or integration on the machine, with the need to adapt to any manufacturing process supported by the great extension of applications produced by AFT.

Developed solution

✅ A solution that can be integrated on any type of automatic line regardless of the position and the structure in which it will be installed.

✅ A device equipped with a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen for managing objects even in 3D format.

High security and resistance thanks to the specific design of the iCOMAC 7200 PC, equipped with a hermetic closure of the panel.

FeedBack: what they think of our solution

“We immediately established an excellent relationship with Intercomp. Since the first contacts they offered ad hoc solutions, perfectly matching our needs. In addition to improving the aesthetics of our machines, the 21.5″ iCOMAC monitor allows the user to keep all process parameters under control in a single screen and with excellent visibility. In addition, thanks to the highly accurate and reliable capacitive touchscreen, human-machine interaction is truly fluid and rapid”.

Technical office AFT S.p.A.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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