PC panel industriali con enclosure Rittal

Panel PCs and multimedia stands 4.0


Panel PC with control box


Interactive control stand


Fanless cooling system


Optimization of production processes

Panel PCs and multimedia stands for 4.0 industrial process control

Within the 4.0 modernization plan introduced by Kelvin, two latest generation Intercomp technologies were installed in order to digitize processes, eliminating paper documentation and increasing both digital control and performance control on internal production lines.

Kelvin S.r.l. is a production site of the German multinational Rittal GmbH & Co. KG (headquartered in Herborn), a world leader in the construction of cabinets for control panels, power distribution, air conditioning systems and IT infrastructures.

The products made in the modern Italian plant of over 16 thousand square meters are refrigeration and air conditioning systems for industry.




Heat exchangers


Air conditioners



PC panel industriali con enclosure Rittal

The iCOMAC 7200, integrated in the production lines, allows the operator to conduct various operations of management of the production process digitally, taking advantage of the interactive possibilities offered by the capacitive touchscreen.


Suitable for continuous use

The iCOMAC 7200 line, like all our industrial devices, is built with the aim of enhancing and managing production processes efficiently.

The hardware structure of these panel PCs is in fact designed to allow the machine to maintain a very high level of operation for continuous use (24/7).


Removable HDD and SSD

The hardware unit designed for this specific line of panel PCs is extremely innovative as it allows to extract memory cards quickly and easily.

This feature avoids the need to disassemble the entire device but allows to act exclusively on the affected part.


Fanless system

All industrial panel PCs are equipped with an efficient fanless cooling system, very sophisticated and silent.

This solution was chosen precisely for its ability to eliminate dust lifting and consequently reduce maintenance costs.


Integration with Rittal case

The integration of the iCOMAC 7200 panel PC within the Rittal aluminium case allows the device to further increase its level of protection.

This solution is in fact able to protect it from dust and washing with pressurized water.

Totem Siena Rittal

The Siena stand, inserted in the control points and general information access points of the production process, allows the identification of the status of the processing and intervention on some phases where necessary.


Touchscreen up to 10 touches

The touchscreen of the Siena stand is equipped with multi-touch technology capable of supporting up to 10 simultaneous touches, allowing even more people to interact simultaneously.

It is a capacitive type system that allows to increase the graphic quality of the display while maintaining an easy and intuitive mode of interaction.


High software integration

Siena multimedia devices have been designed and developed with the aim of ensuring maximum adaptability for any type of function they are required to perform.

Our production department tests every unit with the applications commonly used in the digital signage world, to ensure maximum compatibility.


High processing capacity

The performance of Siena multimedia stands can reach surprising levels of operation, thanks above all to the installation of the latest generation Intel® processors.

The hardware design makes the stands advanced, reliable and performing work tools, in addition to the guarantee of exceptional graphic rendering.


Medium format display

The stand model supplied to Kelvin is equipped with a medium format display: 24″. This is considered an optimal dimension for consulting information.

The particular inclination of the screen, namely 65°, allows users to interact perfectly with the device, both manually and visually.

Panel PC e monitor per applicazioni industriali

Customer needs

⭕️ A solution able to monitor the production lines, intervening on the various processing steps and analysing the progress performance.

⭕️ Modernization of production and control devices with solutions that can be integrated within an IoT 4.0 architecture.

⭕️ Elimination of technical consultation on paper.

⭕️ Optimal format touchscreen display to ensure maximum convenience and functionality in daily use.

Developed solution

✅ Stands and panel PCs integrated in all production lines and in information control centres where there is the need to virtualize all manufacturing processes.

Progressive reduction of technical paper documents relating to the creation of the products.

✅ Improvement of the working quality for operators, with a more correct posture in the various phases of the consultation activity.

✅ Optimization of working time by reducing travel to search for information.


PC panel industriali con enclosure Rittal

FeedBack: what they think about our solution

“The variety of Intercomp products, able to compete in Industry 4.0, has given our production site the possibility of being able to guide new production support processes, through new technologies, towards maximum flexibility and customization”.

Vito Sorrentino – ICT Manager

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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