Interactive indoor stands with NFC and webcam


Display 32"


Integrated NFC reader


Integrated webcam


Ideal for any type of software

The perfect device for Smart Building solutions

SmartThesia is a company that has been active since 2015 and is made up of experts in the ICT sector who develop Smart Building products and solutions for public and private organizations. Specifically, the device was created to meet a specific need of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East.


Display and touchscreen

The interactive stands with NFC and webcam are devices designed for indoor use, capable of managing any multimedia content and supporting user interaction.

The 32” display is equipped with a touchscreen with multi-touch technology and allows to complete the established procedures quickly and intuitively.


Robust and ultra-slim design

Venezia indoor multimedia stand is designed considering essential criteria such as functionality, solidity and design.

The device is in fact equipped with a sturdy and ultra-slim steel structure that allows to better optimize and enhance the available space, also thanks to its particular design.


High integration and performance

Intercomp products are designed and tested to ensure maximum integration with the type of software that the customer chooses to install.

The excellent performance of the Venezia multimedia stand also allows to support even complex applications. In any case, we can offer valid support for choosing the appropriate configuration.


Integrated NFC reader and webcam

We customized the multimedia stand by preparing the installation of an NFC reader on the front, capable of communicating with users’ smartphones.

A webcam has been inserted on the upper part which, thanks to the specific angle, frames the face of the person interacting with the stand.

Customer needs

⭕️ Having a multimedia and interactive product for the installation of a specific software capable of performing registration and accreditation operations automatically, recognizing the user through smartphones, badges (NFC) and/or facial recognition as well as viewing and choosing from a map a workstation available within a 24-hour operational company headquarter.

⭕️ Being able to count on an efficient and reliable hardware solution in order to ensure excellent interaction with users, whether they are employees or visitors.

⭕️ Use a machine with a medium-sized display equipped with a touchscreen, capable of providing efficient interactivity but also a digital signage service, when it is not used.

⭕️ Have a mechanically robust solution, but also not bulky and designed with a pleasant and innovative design, equipped with an NFC reader and webcam at the same time.

Developed solution

✅ The indoor multimedia stand was created in order to better support SmartThesia’s “PasSy” software that allows the user to interact in a simple and intuitive way with the functions of booking, check-in, check-out, concierge, recognition and authorization.

✅ The 32″ display and the multi-touch touchscreen allow immediate, complete and extremely fluid interaction. The steel structure of the device is sturdy but at the same time the ultra-slim design, in addition to giving the product an extremely elegant touch, allows installation in a small footprint.

✅ The stand is equipped with an NFC reader which, interacting with the user’s smartphone or with the badge, allows immediate booking (if not previously made) and check-in of one of the free stations, communicating information to reach it directly on the screen. The webcam is designed to frame the face of the person who interacts with the totem and recognize it as an additional alternative to the smartphone/badge or as an additional safety factor.

FeedBack: what they think of our solution

“The solution has allowed our designers and developers to create an innovative, reliable and engaging user experience. Thanks to the robustness, the integration of the necessary technologies (webcam, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and the performances, the Intercomp stand proved to be an excellent choice on which to run the components of the Passy platform for Virtual Reception solutions and Virtual Concierge.”

Alessandro HuberCTO SmarThesia

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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