Buddy IT cart for production lines


Autonomous power supply


55" touchscreen display


Practical use


Fingerprint reader

An exceptional tool for IMA production lines

IMA Group, world leader in design and production of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of various types of products, has requested a customized solution to be included in its production departments, for the real-time visualization of drawings and technical data sheets.


Autonomous power supply

The IT cart can guarantee the highest level of efficiency and practicality within all production lines.

The battery power system has been designed with an autonomy of about 10 hours and a charging time of 6 hours at 100%.


55" touchscreen display

The display can combine the excellent functionality of use with a suggestive aesthetic impact, thanks to his 55″ format.

The capacitive touchscreen allows easy interaction even when wearing work gloves.


Advanced customizations

The device has been customized with a series of features that make it an extremely advanced solution.

Under the screen is in fact present a fingerprint reader, the predisposition for a RFID reader and three USB connectors.


Easy handling

Despite its imposing size, the IT cart was designed to be moved easily and safely in any operational context.

The side handles and four large 160 mm swivel wheels ensure excellent manoeuvrability.

Customer needs

⭕️ A solution capable of displaying product drawings and technical data sheets within the production lines.

⭕️ Autonomous power supply with long battery life.

⭕️ Large format touchscreen display to guarantee maximum practicality and functionality in the daily use.

⭕️ Possibility of handling the device in a simple and safe way.

⭕️ Keyboard and mouse always available without being bulky.

⭕️ Practical authentication and login system to allow access only to authorized operators.

Developed solution

✅ The IT cart is designed and customized with all the necessary precautions for the use of its full potential within the production departments.

✅ The device is powered by an integrated battery with about 10 hours of autonomy, 100% rechargeable in 6 hours. A charge indicator is present in the lower side.

✅ The 55″ display, equipped with a capacitive touchscreen, allows an excellent display of drawings and data sheets as well as easy interaction.

✅ The side handles and 160 mm wheels are designed to move the device in a practical and safe way.

✅ The drawer under the monitor allows to store the keyboard and mouse without excessive bulk.

✅ The fingerprint reader positioned in the front part guarantees an easy and fast authentication, reserving access to the authorized subjects.

Buddy, the 4.0 digital assistant

Discover the advantages of using Buddy IT cart within the IMA Group production lines


Progressive reduction, up to the final disappearance, of the paper documents relating to the realization of the product.


Reduction of 60% in the time needed to search for details on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Paper and ink

Significant reduction of 20% in paper usage and at the same time reduction of 15% in the use of printer ink.


Significantly reduction of the quantity of large size prints, with up to 50% of consequent cost savings.

Work time

Improvement of 20% in work time optimization, no need to move in order to search for information.

Quality of work

Improvement in the quality of work for the operators, with a more correct posture in the various consultation phases.

“Designed to support operators and engineering teams during assembling operators and real-time interaction with digital technical documentation. Buddy is equipped with mobile and integrated devices, aiding production environments, in order to increase efficiency and management of the product realization processes.

Produced by Intercomp, which operates in the IT hardware sector, Buddy has been included in the IMA Group’s production plants, demonstrating its effectiveness in providing interventions within the production lines with all the digital material necessary to increase production performances, in constant connection with the various technical departments “.

Bruno Vernero
Automation and Instrumentation

“The possibilities that arose after the introduction of Buddy in our factories exceeded expectations. The advantages we have obtained in terms of cost and time reduction have not only contributed to increasing performance within departments but have also allowed us to improve the working conditions of the operators. This has led us to increase the number of Digital Assistants initially employed within the assembly and assembly departments”.

Paolo Colombo
ICT Digital Transformation Leader

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