IT cart trolley for warehouse


Suitable for two wireless printers


Support for wireless barcode reader


Long lasting battery

IT cart trolley for Scarpe & Scarpe warehouses

The IT cart trolley for warehouse was created to increase efficiency and practicality in the management of Scarpe & Scarpe warehouses. It was designed with some special customizations like the predisposition for two printers and the support for the barcode reader.


Double printer

The cart trolley is equipped with a predisposition for two wireless printers for different sizes labels, placed side by side under the keyboard on a removable tray: one printer uses one roll of internal paper, while the other prints on a continuous form, drawing paper from a housing in the back.

Barcode reader

The worktop is designed to integrate the keyboard and a holder for wireless barcode reader, which can also be used as a charging point.

Integrated battery

The IT cart trolley is equipped with an autonomous battery power supply, positioned in the lower side, where there is also a charge status indicator. The autonomy is about 8 hours and it takes about 6 hours to recharge.

Complete device

The IT cart is equipped with a tiltable and height-adjustable display, IP65 stainless steel keyboard, 125 mm antistatic wheels and a front handle.

Customer needs

⭕️ To have an IT cart for warehouse totally independent of cables of any type.

⭕️ To use a device with special settings for the installation of own devices.

⭕️ To provide warehouse workers with a reliable tool to simplify and make work more efficient.

Developed solution

The IT cart trolley developed is a battery-powered device that can be moved to perform all its functions directly where it is needed.

The IT trolley, according to customer requests, has been designed with a drawer able to house two wireless printers for labels and with a predisposition for the installation of a support for wireless barcode reader.

The IT cart for warehouse is an ideal tool for organizing efficiently and practically every aspect of logistics. The integrated battery, for example, has an average autonomy of about 8 hours and can allow the running of an entire work shift.

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