IT cart trolleys for warehouse management and production lines


Autonomous power supply


Monitor & PC


Label printer

Optimization of warehouse management and production lines

IT cart trolleys are practical tools for the management of the warehouse and the production lines that allow a more efficient cataloguing of the goods, because the operator can carry out operations directly on the spot.

Autonomous battery-power supply

One of the great advantages of this portable device is the autonomy of the battery for power supply.

The battery drawer, positioned at the bottom, gives the operator the possibility to use the trolley to its full potential for an entire work shift.


Goods registration optimisation

With this IT cart we decided to develop a solution that could make the work of the operator more efficient.

Unlike the normal technologies commonly used in warehouses, the trolley follows the operator in all operations allowing him to register and catalogue the goods directly on site.


Practicality of use

The choice of installing peripherals is designed in order to allow operators to manage products with considerable practicality.

The presence of the barcode reader and the label printer makes the operator free to move between the lanes of the warehouse without having to go back to the main terminals of the department.

Practical needs

⭕️ Optimize the cataloguing of goods, by creating a portable and practical computerized workstation.

⭕️ Make operators’ activities more efficient, allowing them to use a technologically advanced tool for managing all the necessary operations related to the goods, both incoming and outgoing.

⭕️ Guarantee autonomy and practicality in the use of the new device.

Developed solution

✅ A series of computerised trolleys with monitors and PCs able to integrate with the internal management system, allowing a quick and practical management of incoming and outgoing goods.

✅ Batteries with a lifetime of over 8 hours. The cart also has a support instrumentation optionally installed such as: label printer, barcode reader and keyboard.

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