Panel PC e monitor per il controllo dei processi industriali di stampa e packaging

Panel PCs and monitors for industrial applications


21.5" display


Advanced performance


Fanless cooling system


Ideal for any industrial context

Panel PCs and monitors for the control of industrial printing and packaging processes

OMET is a company active since 1963 and made up of five production sites in Italy with over 300 employees. It mainly deals with the production of machines for label printing, packaging and tissue converting. Four foreign branches follow the markets of the Far East, India, Latin America and Central and North America. Born from an intuition of its founder, Angelo Bartesaghi, who in the sixties focused on innovation to enhance and promote the special machines he designed, OMET has always had an eye for technology, trying to provide its customers easy-to-use solutions with maximum production performance both in terms of quality and productivity.


Expertise and research

Since the early years, OMET’s vocation towards internationalization has been clear, with the desire to offer its machinery installations in all continents of the world. Today it has reached the 2,000 installed machines, with a highly competent capillary assistance network.

The obsessive search for innovative solutions translates into continuous investments in research and development, with the creation of customized designed solutions that make OMET a unique reality in the sectors of its competence, thanks above all to flexibility and the ability to translate ideas into concrete projects and the objectives of its customers.


Reference sectors

In the sector of narrow and medium web printing machines for labels and flexible packaging, several absolute innovations have been introduced on the market in the last twenty years that have influenced and guided the entire sector. Hybrid printing (flexographic + offset + rotogravure + screen printing + digital) has been made available to all printers with maximum integration.

In the sector of paper and tissue converter machines, in addition to automatic machines to produce paper napkins, solutions for interleaved products (towels, facial tissue, toilet paper) and customized napkin machines with digital printing were developed.


Control and interaction

The multi-touch capacitive touchscreen allows numerous advanced functions: a simple and intuitive human-machine interface, scrolling pages, the possibility to view and rotate 3D images or to zoom in on the images sampled by the machine’s vision system.

All this allows to constantly monitor the production process in real time, with the possibility of acting more quickly and intuitively on the machine parameters.


Protection and security

To guarantee a level of security appropriate to the standards of each industrial context, the panel PCs and monitors for the control of industrial printing and packaging processes are equipped with front IP65 protection degree.

On the front of the devices, inside the glass frame, a USB connector is installed which, thanks to the rubber cover, allows to maintain the same degree of protection.


Full integration

Our panel PCs and monitors for the control of industrial printing and packaging processes are designed and produced to be installed in every type of solution and industrial line, therefore both as a component of more complex devices and as autonomous systems.

In the same way, each Intercomp solution dedicated to the industrial sector can support all the most common software used for the management of different production lines. 


Performance and operation

The series of panel PCs and monitors for the control of industrial printing and packaging processes supplied to OMET has excellent levels of operation and extremely high performance.

In fact, these are advanced solutions that can be used to their full potential continuously and are therefore suitable for all industrial processes that need continuity and stability.

Panel PC e monitor per applicazioni industriali

Customer needs

⭕️ To have two solutions, panel PC and industrial monitor, to be installed inside a more complex industrial stand solution.

⭕️ Use the devices within a control and vision system installed on machines that deal with packaging, printing and tissue converting.

⭕️ Manage the mechanical part of the processes through solutions capable of grouping data efficiently and completely for the operator.

Developed solution

✅ The panel PCs and monitors that we have supplied to OMET are industrial products equipped with all the necessary characteristics to work effectively within any industrial process.

✅ The high integration possibilities with which our devices are designed allow them to be installed in more complex solutions, becoming in all respects extremely advanced components.

✅ Intercomp solutions installed inside the OMET stand are necessary for the management of data deriving from the mechanical part of the packaging, printing and tissue converting processes.

FeedBack: what they think of our solution

“The collaboration between OMET and Intercomp has developed around the division of printing machines for labels and flexible packaging, in particular for medium-high range devices such as the XFlex X6, XFlex X7 and VaryFlex lines. Intercomp flexibility was immediately appreciated by our company, which makes flexibility its workhorse.

We worked side by side before, during and after the design, to develop together a customer-machine interface solution able to guarantee the maximum ease of use, without weighing on costs and with an eye for the integration into the entire machine design. The projects developed with this collaboration are increasing and with the first installations very positive opinions have already been found by the users of our machines”.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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