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A complete management for each production line

After 35 years of activity in the creation of hardware solutions, Intercomp looks to the future, aware of the new challenges of Industry 4.0. And it does so by collaborating with Progea, an international leader in the development of SCADA/HMI platforms and software for production management and industrial supervision.


New industrial contexts

“The market that revolves around hardware technologies has profoundly changed. Our company was born as a manufacturer of electronic cards and personal computers, but then, over time, it has evolved and perfected to offer solutions to new industrial contexts” says Gianluca Adami, commercial director of Intercomp.

Today the industry, especially the Italian one, is experiencing a profound transformation: companies are increasingly structured and must manage a huge amount of data during the production, distribution and sales cycles.

Modern industries have a multitude of human-machine interfaces, as well as software for the management and aggregation of data that communicate within IoT architectures.


Smart production

This scenario opens to business intelligence contexts, for the analysis and interpretation of data, but also to artificial intelligence, self-learning and predictive intelligence.

Through these new elements, productions become “smart“: they can understand when errors can occur, they can automatically adjust production based on sales in stores and can offer specific data interfaces based on the role of the person using the terminal.

The future of the industry has begun and only those who have already equipped themselves will be ready to better face the future transformations introduced by these technologies.


Strategic alliances

To face the future, it is necessary to build a path made of diversified skills, possible only through collaborations and strategic alliances.

“Precisely for these reasons we have chosen Progea as a strategic ally – continues Gianluca Adami – to offer industrial solutions that can respond to structured needs, to satisfy those critical issues where an intelligent machine is required to manage and control the production process.

The relationship with Progea has been consolidated starting right from our company, enhancing our production of interactive panel PCs and stand and aligning it with the 4.0 standards of modern industrial production”.



Progea is an international leader in the creation of SCADA/HMI software for production management and industrial supervision, a leading player within an extremely competitive sector.

Over the years it has established itself not only thanks to the quality of the products, but also for the excellent support and services, essential components in the supply of software which, if not available or if managed incorrectly, inevitably risk obtaining indirect costs for the customer.

Intercomp has decided to update and extend its production line by over 22 meters by collaborating with Progea for the supervision part, creating a virtuous synergy and using the best technologies on the market.

The future of the industry has already begun, it is necessary to be equipped.

The project

⭕️ Intercomp needed to create a semi-automated assembly line for the production of large-scale devices, such as information kiosks, info-points and cashes for automatic payments. The plant had to be built to have a daily production capacity of about 50 medium-high complexity products.

⭕️ The new line had to be connected to the information system for the control of the production process, providing aggregated data to understand the critical issues and the methods necessary for any improvements.

⭕️ The line to be extended had to be managed through a panel PC with HMI function capable of allowing operators, through clear graphic interfaces, to automate all operations and to have full control over the individual manufacturing processes, obtaining maximum safety throughout production environment.

The developed solution

The two additional assembly lines of over 22 meters are supervised and controlled by a software application, Movicon.NExT, installed on an Intercomp production panel PC. This allows to have semi-automatic adjustable worktops on different heights, so operators can proceed with the processing according to the production phase.

Furthermore, 55 test stations were also added to the two lines, 32 of which in the burn-in chamber (for the temperature stress test) which are all automatically supervised by the software developed with Progea platform, immediately reporting any critical issues and intervening in case of need.

  Thanks to Movicon.NExT, predefined programs can be set in the burn-in chamber, effectively automating the test process according to requirements. For example:

  • it is possible to set the supply voltage in the workstations, therefore products operating at 110 V AC or 230 V AC can be tested indifferently;
  • the status of each station can be checked (powered, not powered, alarm).

Movicon.NExT also allows to monitor all the stress tests on the screen by recording, thanks to the integrated Historian, the type of criticality that occurred, in order to improve the production cycle and prevent any future errors.

The result obtained is an interconnected production, which controls and records all the operations that take place during processing, allowing operators to exploit the machines to work better, thus increasing their skills and the quality of their operations.

The future of the industry is based on technology, artificial intelligence and data, but it will always be connected to people, their skills and above all the quality of their relationships.

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