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Torino Facile


Suitable for continuous use


Easy to manage and maintain


Touchscreen system


Ergonomic structure

Solutions for efficient municipalities

Torino Facile is a project commissioned by the municipality of Turin in 2011 in order to simplify certain specific administrative procedures, making relations with public institutions simpler and more effective. The service was designed to have multiple roles, depending on where the machine was installed.

The Torino Facile system is able to provide multiple services in different contexts.

Some examples.


Civil registry


Private building


ISEE benefits


Education services


Fines and permits


Levies and taxes


Professionals and businesses


Living will



Customer needs

⭕️ Over the last few years Turin has begun a process of transformation designed to make the city into a point of reference for Smart Cities in the future.

⭕️ In 2011 municipality decided to initiate a process of digital transformation for public bodies and local administration in the city.

⭕️ Computerising administrative processes and making the issuing of public services more rapid.

⭕️ Access to civil registry services using only the health card.

Developed solution

✅ A practical and ergonomic self-service kiosk capable of reading electronic identity cards and health cards and also printing A4 format sheets.

✅ The structure of the self-service kiosk Torino allows to implement various functions and was also designed for future development, so without the need to change the whole multimedia stand.

✅ The self-service kiosk Torino is still experiencing a constant evolution, adapting easily to the supplying of new services.

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