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Solutions for food quality control

Dylog S.p.A., an Italian excellence in software development and management technologies, founded in 1996 the HiTech division which designs, assembles and markets X-ray machines for the non-destructive control of food and pharmaceutical products, but also for special applications. With over 2000 installations and 500 customers in 70 countries around the world, Dylog HiTech is among the main players in the sector, with a highly stratified customer portfolio ranging from small local food companies to large multinational groups.


Food screening by X-rays

Dylog HiTech is one of the most important Italian companies in the world thanks to its technologies and equipment capable of interpreting the images that come from cameras and X-ray sensors, reworking them in search of products contaminated by the presence of foreign elements dangerous for our health such as residues of glass, stones, metals and plastics.


Safety in public environments

A further part of the Dylog HiTech division deals with the creation of advanced solutions dedicated to security, such as armoured vans equipped with X-ray machines and destined for gates in squares, specifically for the control and prevention about the entry of dangerous objects such as weapons, blades, knives or explosives.


Plug & Play system

We have provided our customer with a solution consisting of a stainless-steel monitor for the food industry combined with a box PC, able to be positioned on the production line with extreme simplicity. This is a compact system, tested and certified for industrial world that does not require special processing to be activated within the automation line.

It is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and food industrial processes as both the panel and the box PC can be sanitized even with aggressive products, guaranteeing at the same time a high degree of protection for the operators and for the machine itself.


Flexibility and usability

For this particular production process, we considered the use of resistive touchscreen technology to be fundamental, therefore able to be used by operators using latex or work gloves, allowing them to work comfortably and safely.

The combination of the Intercomp monitor and box PC technologies has been designed to adapt to the different structural needs of Dylog HiTech machines, in order to replicate maximum efficiency in all the different units on which the devices are installed. 

Monitor in acciaio inox per l'industria alimentare

Customer needs

⭕️ Create a highly sanitizable solution that can be installed in multiple machines.

⭕️ Design a performing solution that allows operators to use a terminal separate from the monitor through which they can interact easily.

⭕️ Ensure a high level of cleanliness even with the use of aggressive products, without affecting the functionality or overlay of the monitors.

Developed solution

✅ The stainless-steel monitor for the food industry, designed in various sizes, is connected to an extremely high-performance box PC, inside the steel structure developed with Dylog HiTech.

✅ Box PCs and monitors can communicate extremely quickly, resisting the vibrations and criticalities typical of industrial environments.

✅ The choice of the touchscreen is targeted to allow the operator to control the monitor intuitively even using work gloves or latex.

Articolo AO_Chimica Casearia-Dylog

“A machine capable of detecting, with accuracy and precision, the various defects that can occur in hard cheeses without however damaging the product. A machine that also had to avoid the displacement of the shapes from the stairways, had to be light enough, small and easy to handle to allow non-invasive analysis on a forklift.


Chimica Casearia was looking for a solution that is simple to use, accurate in its measurements, not harmful to the food analysed and easy to move and sanitize. The monitor, positioned on a movable arm, accessible from all sides, specially made by Intercomp for Dylog, returns a clear image that brings the composition of the product into focus “.

Francesco Mescia – Marco Pipino
Automazione Oggi

FeedBack: what they think of our solution

“Intercomp PCs and monitors have represented an added value for our machines along the years, thanks to their robustness and reliability. Their use has allowed us to obtain excellent performance even in severe environmental conditions”.

Francesco Mescia Sales Manager

Intercomp S.p.A.

Since 1983, we have been designing and manufacturing Panel PCs, Monitors, and Industrial PCs in Italy. Our mission is to enhance the design and functionality of the interfaces between humans and machines, making each interaction unique.

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