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Thermoscanner for advanced access control inside the offices

Together with our partner Gubert System we installed and are currently implementing our thermoscanner for institutions, companies and hospitals for access control. Gubert System is a Vicenza-based company that offers 360° security solutions, including anti-theft, fire, wireless video surveillance and networking systems as well as connected access control within an IoT architecture.


Contactless temperature detection

The thermoscanner allows extremely precise temperature measurement up to 1 meter.

The detection time is also very fast: after a few seconds from the moment the user positions himself, it can identify whether the subject is under alert conditions or not.


Plug & Play solution

The thermoscanner does not require specific skills to be used: once installed and set it can be used without any type of external support.

This is an element that distinguishes it from other solutions, such as the “guns” for temperature detection, which must be used in the presence of trained personnel in charge of ensuring safety.


8" display

The 8” LCD technology display is equipped with a structure resistant to shocks and liquids.

It can also be installed on load bearing aluminium structures of different heights (table base or floor supports measuring 110 and 138 cm) or by fixing it to the wall.


Industrial binocular optics

The thermoscanner is designed and built according to industrial production criteria: it is therefore suitable for critical contexts, is resistant to dust and is designed for continuous use.

The camera features 99% tested accuracy in all conditions. In fact, thanks to infrared technology it can also be used in poorly illuminated environments.


Possibility of integration

The thermoscanner for institutions, companies and hospitals can be easily integrated into a basic security system configured for monitoring an entrance. In case of criticality, it can block turnstiles or doors.

The device can support any software integration via API, thus communicating with the systems belonging to the environment in which it is installed.


Integration with SPIDER-MESH and TELEGRAM

Spider-Mesh is a plugin developed by Gubert System, extremely easy to install within the system and is particularly effective for detecting suspicious cases in the company.

Once installed, the plugin automatically sends an alert in real time to the responsible managers, identifying the case at risk that has been recognised by the thermoscanner.

This is a very useful solution in environments that have multiple accesses and high traffic.

The means through which the alert is received is Telegram, precisely to integrate the functions of the platform for the management of groups and notification systems.

alert corona virus telegram

Customer needs

⭕️ Have a solution that can accurately and quickly detect the temperature of the people entering.

⭕️ Integrate the temperature control features with the detection functions of the correct use of PPE such as masks.

⭕️ Ability to integrate the hardware solution with mobile applications to add new features to the control service.

Developed solution

✅ The InterChek thermoscanner is available in different formats: fixed column, pedestal or tabletop format. All devices are equipped with sound and light alarms in case the safety parameters are not respected:

– temperature above 37.5° C;

– mask lowered or absent.

Integration of the Spider-Mesh plugin to increase the potential of access control even within structured environments with multiple accesses.

App integration via Telegram to manage notifications in real time within the group responsible for security.

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