Workstations for professionals

The graphic workstation Challenger-R2 is an ideal device for all those professionals that need to create a extremely efficient working environment characterized by the use of heavy applications that involve the simultaneous use of files with graphics in several dimensions or needing to reproduce large amounts of data.


Super performance

Surprisingly high levels of performance can be achieved with the Challenger-R2 graphic workstation, also thanks to the expandability of RAM memory.

This series exploits the most recent and high performing Intel® processors, transforming these devices into irreplaceable tools for professionals.


Suitable for 24 hours use

The Challenger-R2 graphic workstations is designed for working environments that operate at high productivity levels.

This device is in fact able to work continuously while maintaining a high level of efficiency.


Intel® HD graphics drivers

Thanks to the latest generation Intel® HD graphics drivers, the performance of the workstations is surprising.

They can guarantee fluidity in the management of the images and video reproduced, eliminating the loading times and increasing design operations.


Infinite expandability

The expandability of Challenger-R2 graphic workstations allows to configure the device with specific features for each context.

The series is designed with a specific structure that makes possible to install different types of I/O ports and interfaces according to needs.


Maximum quality, reasonable price

According to the configuration of the workstations chosen it is possible to easily manage the final price with a broad range of alternatives available.

It is possible to configure the device with a memory storage type, HDD or SSD, to reduce the cost for certain kinds of environment.


Highly customizable

Thanks to our production line we are able to offer a product precisely designed for the needs of the customer.

The Challenger-R2 graphic workstations are equipped with a very versatile hardware structure that can vary with a certain elasticity.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can use our expertise to adapt our solutions to your needs.
Processors supportedIntel®
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight185 mm x 420 mm x 450 mm | About 7.5 Kg for average configuration
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Supported displaysUp to 3
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
VideoIntegrated or dedicated

A reliable ally


Free delivery and logistical support

Our partners can use a free delivery service and our optimised transport system.

Thanks to our shipping office we are able to manage order logistics using the transport method best suited to your needs.


Partner area

Becoming a partner of Intercomp brings many advantages. It is possible to access the reserved area for specific information.

These include the driver downloads area, the management of and checks on guarantees, order tracking, RMA requests, on-site activation and much more.

This space can also be used for the automatic configuration of devices, while keeping the costs of individual materials under review.


European production certification

The graphic eorkstations are always tested during manufacturing both about the materials selected and the components that will make the device.

All our products are certified according to current European standards.

On the workstations, as on all the other our products, further quality tests are carried out regarding the operating temperature capacity and resistance to various types of stresses, such as vibrations and power surges.


Warranty up to 3 years

The graphic workstation warranty has been extended up to 3 years. 

It is however a type of warranty that can be highly customised at the contractual stage.

Both the period of the warranty period and the type of the service can be established at that time. Our distributors may decide whether to use our technical support directly in the place at which the devices are installed.


360° support

Become an Intercomp partner also means being able to take advantage of a formidable assistance service.

Through this service, we are able to provide high quality assistance to our customers, helping them to choose the best solution in both the pre-sales and after-sales areas.

Support from our assistance service is therefore not limited just to handling the financial offers but also true consulting services related to all aspects of our products.


Design and development

What can make services different in the market is the quality choice, thanks to the actual presence of our company as an associate.

Intercomp is able to offer a complete service all over the country, from design to production and through technical and commercial support.

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