Compact Server Master R2
The Compact Server Master R2 is a product able to maintain very low energy consumption with high operating efficiency. An ideal device for those who do not require too complex management needs but that can maintain complete functions as regards the control of a reasonable number of client PCs.

Suitable for continuous 24 hours use

The Compact Server Master R2 series are excellent devices able to work with a fair amount of data and which guarantee maximum working reliability.

These devices are in fact super-efficient and enable the user to manage large operational loads with low energy consumption.


Up to 6 LAN Intel® Gigabit

This is a choice dictated by the wish to offer an above standard product line that can achieve exceptional performance.

It is possible to obtain an efficient operation for data transfer and management only if, from the hardware point of view, the structure of the Compact Servers is in line with the highest quality technological standards.


Up to 8 cassettes per the HDD/SSD Hot-Swap 2.5”

This type came into being as a business service.

A special controller is able to manage the disks allowing removal and insertion without the need for the machine to be switched off.


High performance

The maximum capacities of this Compact Server make it possible to transform it into a very powerful high-performance device.

It is a product that can satisfy even complex operational needs.

Italian excellence
Optimize all your operations with a structure designed to make you work better.
TypesSATA | SAS | SAS Hot swap
Up to 6 ports
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight
210 mm x 462 mm x 545 mm | About 15 Kg for average configuration
Power supply
400W PFC active | 550W PFC active | 700W PFC active
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse

Our service includes


Strategic allies

The Compact Server comes with several levels of support:

  • at the commercial stage it is possible to be supported by a highly competent in-house team providing assistance for our distributors at the various stages of the sales process;
  • at the technical support stage there is advanced technical assistance for any problems encountered with the devices.

Customised warranty

The Compact Server solutions are covered for a standard life cycle of 3 years from the time of purchase.

The warranty is however very flexible, both in terms of the period of the warranty (longer than 3 years) as well as in terms of service provision.


Free delivery and instalment delivery

Delivery of the Compact Server is completely free.

Usually, depending on the needs of our distributors, we can deliver in instalments on the basis of time periods agreed with the customer.


Inspection and CE testing

All our devices follow a strict quality control path, in order to certify all our products and materials according to the regulations in force in the European Community.

Customised configuration

The Compact Servers have a very large number of configurations even at the standard level.

Our distributors can rely on notable product flexibility, which may be required to produce solutions developed specifically for a particular environment.


What is Master Server's level of noise?
This Server produces less noise than other models, but its heat dissipation system could disturb people in the same room.

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