Custom-Built Multimedia Stand – Enada

Excellent feedback from the Enada trade fair in Rimini after having presented the latest model of our custom-built multimedia stand, produced for one of our customers.

It is a multifunctional multimedia stand characterised by a modern and captivating design, a project specially designed to be incorporated within environments such as gaming rooms.

Here are some details of the model

Card readers

Capable of reading any kind of card, both those supplied by stores and gaming rooms, and cards needing a RFID reader and Bluetooth.

Totally self-service

The multimedia stand presented was designed to be completely self-service, staff intervention only being necessary at the moment that the win is handed over, but this operation could potentially be automated with further mechanical assistance.


Triple PCAP touchscreen display

The capacitive technology of the monitors on our customised multimedia stand is a major innovation in the hardware world, above all in terms of the increased graphic performance as compared to previous touchscreen technology.

High level of software integration and security

The level of software integration within the multimedia stands is particularly high and exploits an operating system developed in agreement with the customer to guarantee the greatest possible security.

Care was paid to every last detail and it was decided to emphasise the rounded form with the use of a coloured LED in order to make it even more attractive.

The multimedia stand was also greatly admired thanks to its advanced functions.

In addition to the normal gaming functions typical of this type of device, our design department was also able to develop a solution capable of giving concrete form to the concept of interconnection between devices present in the gaming room.

No longer just a multimedia stand that can be used to play and check on games, but also a device capable of connecting to other mobile devices, allowing customers to maintain continuity between apps and physical games in gaming rooms.

Allowing devices to interact with great flexibility, communicating via Bluetooth and sharing several functions.


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The Enada trade fair is one of the most important fairs at international level for all those involved in the gaming sector, from products and technology to gaming tables, attracting Italian and foreign companies concerning themselves with the development and presentation of new and engaging gaming experiences.

It is a three-day initiative that began on 1 November last year, thanks to the merging of a series of trade fairs in Rimini and Vicenza. The event saw over 25,000 trade visitors.

Fair News

This year there are three important innovations:

  1. Enada Academy: a training programme for those working in the sector, with conferences providing updates on the relevant regulations, market analysis and seminars for new entrepreneurs approaching the world of gaming and entertainment.
  2. Enada Next: an area entirely dedicated to innovation and new entertainment venues, with product innovations, installations, debates and presentation of the best international practice.
  3. Enada Contest: a space entirely dedicated to competitions, tournaments and contests promoting gaming for pure entertainment; a place representing an incredible meeting point both for gaming enthusiasts and those in the trade.

Do you need a customised solution for your sales point?

The value of being constantly present, always beyond.

Technological innovation and interconnection will increasingly be a key element in our daily lives. Participating at this event, presenting a custom-built multimedia stand, showed us once again that innovation must often contend with the concrete performance of a new technology.

Indeed, technology is not always developed in the context of sales and industrialisation.

Our approach, developing out of our experience, was thus greatly appreciated, precisely as a result of its immediacy and its potential to adapt to everyday life.

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Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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