Customised hardware solutions

There are few European companies that can make use of a production line such as Intercomp, in which all solutions are managed, assembled and controlled.

The 2100 sq.m. of production will allow the creation of more than 70 thousand machines per year, through automated lines with conveyor rollers, which move the product through every step of its assembly, until final packaging, all constantly monitored.

Quality is one of the most important features of a product and for Intercomp it is a fundamental parameter. But together with the high quality our customers require another parameter that is fundamental: customisation.

High quality production

The essential feature required by the customer is the quality of the product. High standards, efficiency and reliability guarantee a high level of what is produced in addition to the customer’s satisfaction.

In fact, Intercomp requires rigorous testing of the devices and their components that come out of production, as well as a final test in which extreme temperature and activity conditions are simulated.

Quality standards must necessarily be maintained high if a company wants to compete at a certain level, also because today’s companies are confronted with highly competent customers. Who buys turns out to be very knowledgeable for the work experience but also for the large amount of data available to everyone through the Internet.

➡️ With a customer very knowledgeable quality becomes a parameter almost predictable for those who want to produce devices with high standards, while it increasingly presents another essential characteristic: product customisation.


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The different types of use of the devices that are produced open the door to very specific requests from customers, who need to adapt perfectly to the use that will be filled.

Creating machines with “on demand” features allows to answer to the specific needs of the buyer, demonstrating at the same time reliability, care and skill.

➡️ A solution that is perfectly suited to the context where it will go to work and which is designed specifically, it could be seen immediately as a more substantial investment but it allows in the long run a saving in terms of efficiency and ease of use.


Our custom solutions

For Intercomp customisation is a characteristic practically applied to each solution produced, thereby meeting the demands of customers which require devices with very specific requirements. Here are three examples.

⭕️ Lottomatica

The company asked us for totem games that respond to certain features, so we created totally self-service devices able to combine different applications and to communicate with other devices (mobile or App users).

The design is creative and ergonomic, but at the same time functional, with the frame designed in such a way as to allow future interventions of expansion without the need to replace the entire device.

⭕️ Drass

The request of Drass, leader in submarine technologies, was that of a device able to withstand environments with very high pressure. A PC Panel used as a support for diver engineers and inside hyperbaric chambers, therefore able to operate at extreme pressures (30 bar).

Product performance is excellent, also thanks to the fanless system that allows to maintain optimum temperatures for long periods of use. The graphics yield is advanced, thanks to the capacitive display, and the degree of protection is very high, because the structure is adapted to resist at elevated pressures and is water-proof on all sides.

⭕️ Antares Vision

Antares Vision is one of the benchmarks in the field of tracking systems and inspection services for the industry. The company asked us for a PC Panels and an Industrial Monitors with a high degree of customisation, to meet the needs of the different automatic lines.

We were able to create custom devices by entering programmable and customisable functions (in order to maintain those already present) and ensuring high performance to support video inspection systems. Furthermore, as required, the products possess a high degree of heat dissipation and can also be placed in places with little or no ventilation.

➡️ The guide to create custom hardware products is therefore the approach. Our company starts from the needs of people, those who daily handle our devices, with the aim of simplifying the work making it more efficient at the same time.


Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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