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Digital signage: Italian production

Multimedia stands, self-service kiosks and multimedia tables: all exclusively designed and produced by our company based in Verona, in the heart of Italy.


Suitable for continual use

All our digital signage, self-service kiosks and multimedia tables use reliable and powerful technologies that allow the devices to remain continuously operational.


Excellent graphic performance

The exceptional graphics are the reason why users feel really involved when they use these products and why they can totally transform the sales experience in your store, or become a fantastic support tool by acting as an information point.


Reduced installation time

Save time and money by choosing a company that is able to offer a complete solution, managed solely by Intercomp: you can reduce both production and installation times.


Superior calculating capabilities

The technologies installed on our digital signage software allow our devices to carry out complex calculations with relative ease.

It is this feature that makes these digital platforms so versatile and adaptable.


Social and economic benefits

By installing digital signage, self-service kiosks and multimedia tables, an immediate and palpable benefit to the working environment is apparent: information-giving activities and management activities are better supported and are simplified.

The importance of turning ideas into something concrete

The digital signage industry has been undergoing a revolution for the last few years, a time in which we have found new ways of interpreting the digital world, of interacting with technology both out of necessity and as a way of experiencing augmented reality. Realizing a sophisticated idea requires listening and high engineering skills.

Internationally awarded

We are certified from the most important industrial production companies in the world.

CUSTOM solutions

Just some extraordinary products created to satisfy specific needs.

Stand out from the crowd, provide a quality service


Multifunctional products

For Intercomp, creating a digital signage product means coming up with a multifunctional solution that is extremely versatile and can fulfil more than one role in the management, production and support of informational processes.


Custom-built solutions

The continual evolution of the digital signage sector means that the functions and structures of multimedia stands and tables, and self-service kiosks have to be constantly re-evaluated. Together, we will analyse your business needs and come up with the perfect solution.


Excellent informational support

Informational support is only one of the many functions that can be attributed to digital signage devices. Many of our clients automate administrative processes therefore providing the public with a quick and effective way to interact with organisations and companies.


Intuitive solutions

All of our products are created with the idea that anyone, potentially, should be able to use them should they wish to. This is a great way to get across messages that need to leave a lasting impact.


Highly protected devices

The tests carried out during the production phase ensure that our products remain extremely safe under any conditions. The multimedia external stands are also smash-proof and vandal-proof.


Modern and functional design

To offer a more dynamic form of interaction between people and the devices, every product has been designed to make the whole experience a pleasant one, creating a visual environment which is in harmony with the place in which the multimedia stand or table is installed.


Are external stands vandal-proof?

Yes, their strong steel structure and the multilayer glass guarantee strenght and reliability.

Is it possible to integrate stands with own peripheral connections?

Yes, our planning and production teams can customize the product at any level.

Is the external stand's diplay screen visibile in the sunlight?

Yes, thanks to a modern and very bright display screen.

Is it possible to customize stand's design?

We can customize our products starting from a model in our catalogue but also creating a completely customized one.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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