Multimedia stands for internal and external use

Multimedia stands for internal and external use are devices generally to digitize operations or deliver highly impact messages toward possible clients. Digital signage is growing and rapidly evolving: from devices with increasingly spectacular, thin, performing and curved displays that show advertising and information contents, to self-service solutions that allow ever greater interaction with the user, who can carry out some operations independently.

Multimedia stands for internal use

The multimedia stand collection is the result of many years of professional experience: we offer our clients solutions that combine the most technologically advanced products. Our high-performing devices are also examples of outstanding design.


32″ | 55″

Ultra-slim with multi-touch. An appealing design, can improve the relationship between client and shop.


22″ | 24″

Multi-touch, a rigid steel structure, practical and ergonomic, customizable logo.

Customized solutions

Various size

Indoor multimedia stands customized according to customer requests.

Multimedia stands for external use

This collection was designed as a compact solution that can be used either vertically or horizontally. The devices are ideal for use through management applications, internet points or home computers in general.



Big structure that can house various peripheral hardware. An ideal, customizable and long lasting solution.

Customized solutions

Various size

Custom outdoor multimedia stands made according to the needs of each type of context.

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Here it is possible have a closer look toward some peculiar cases we have developed in for some famous brands. All solutions are extremely versatile, thus they can adapt to any context or condition.






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9 elements which our interactive totem will help you with

⭕️ Interactivity: activating people’s involvement, who must not only be “targets” of advertisements but must be able to perform some operations independently, thus reducing waiting times (buy a ticket but or even consult the catalogue of products in a store).

⭕️ Accessibility: the management of the device (external or internal) is ensured to guarantee the best possible degree of accessibility toward the user/customer. In the specific case of an external self-service kiosk, we are generally setting up all the necessary measures to foster accessible services toward everyone.

⭕️ Protection: all these devices are designed to be in various type of environments both internal and external which have critical conditions such as: atmospheric agents, vandal-proof, visibility in broad daylight and much more.

⭕️ Customer at the centre: in every choice of our digital signage solution, we deem necessary to keep in mind that the customer must maintain a central role. Without customers and users, digital signage would have no reason to exist.

⭕️ Content quality: what is proposed on the devices reflects its own brand. The highest possible quality is therefore necessary, both in terms of images, videos and in relation to texts.

⭕️ Customized contents: simply repeating your own website does not produce positive effects. The contents must be tailored to the type of device, to the position and kind of customer.

⭕️ Positioning: the position of the device must be chosen carefully, to be easily visible and (if the focus is on interactivity) easily reachable by everyone. But above all it must be accessible for operators.

⭕️ Know the audience: creating content for a specific target audience is certainly a winning choice. At the same time, it is necessary to offer people the possibility of “doing something” (call-to-action) in order to allow them to participate and familiarize with your own brand.

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Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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