Siena indoor multimedia stand 

Siena multimedia stands are extremely versatile devices, designed to meet different needs. Their medium size means that they are an excellent tool for use in various contexts, to exhibit or consult multimedia files.


Multi-touch system up to 10 touches

The touchscreen system can work with up to ten touches, meaning that more than one person can interact at the same time.

The capacitive system allows to increase the display screen graphics whilst maintaining easy and intuitive interaction.


Superior elaborating capabilities

Siena multimedia stands are surprisingly high-performing thanks to the new generation Intel processors.

This feature makes the multimedia stands an excellent work tool with exceptional graphics.


Integrated communication systems

All of the communication systems and the peripheral connectors for LAN and Internet are integrated into the steel structure.

They are positioned in such a way that the structure maintains its fluid lines and minimal design look.


Medium display screen

This device is available in two versions: 22″ and 24″.

The size of the Siena multimedia stand makes it ideal for consulting information and the fact that it’s reclined to 65° allows users to interact intuitively with the device.


Superior level of software integration

The Siena multimedia stands were designed as a device that can adapt to any function.

Our production department tests every single device with the most commonly used applications in the world of Digital Signage.


Robust steel structure

Siena multimedia stands have a metal structure which the display is placed on.

On the plexiglass support it is possible to put a logo or indeed to customise it in some other ways.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
Monitor22″ | 24″
TouchscreenMulti-touch up to 10 touches capacitive
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Enhance your sales point


Multi-use solutions

Siena multimedia stand is a multi-use, practical and easy to use solution.

Thanks to the position of the display it can be used continuously by one operator or can provide information to interested parties who are able to interact easily.



Despite being designed to meet the most common needs, Siena multimedia stand can also be customised, depending on the context in which it will be installed.


Increased visibility and interaction

According to recent studies, sales points that have multimedia stands installed tend to have a 55% increase in sales compared to stores that don’t.

Social and economic benefits

The multimedia stands bring a lot of social and economic benefits, conveying well-structured information, easy to find and very suggestive, that make it possible to make the difference inside the stores.


Direct contact with the brand

The stand is a modern and highly efficient tool which will enable clients to interact with specific brand information.


The quality is in the detail

Siena multimedia stand was created using an attractive, modern design, with the aim of making the brand even more visible.

The plexiglass cover can be an excellent way of getting a message across or can be used to display a company logo or any other relevant details.

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