Venezia indoor multimedia stand

The Venezia collection of indoor multimedia stands are new generation devices, designed to have a strong visual impact. In fact, the structure design is ultra-slim and not at all bulky.


Multi-touch touchscreen

An optional and variable multi-touch touchscreen system is available as needed.

We are able to offer a range of options, depending on the size of the screen and client needs.


Robust steel structure

Venezia multimedia stand is characterized by its painted steel and ultra-slim structure, in an elegant and appealing design.

It is designed for floor-fixing with a specific mechanical structure, for maximum space optimization.


Integrated communication systems

Venezia multimedia stands’ hardware is particularly sophisticated.

In fact it can be pre-fitted with all the peripheral connections needed to reproduce the multimedia content and connect to other devices and external networks.


Large display screen

Venezia multimedia stand for internal use has two options for the screen size: 32″ and 55″.

The 55” display screen definitely makes a great impact. It uses advanced graphics technology to reproduce images in high definition.


Superior elaborating capabilities

This multimedia stand can be integrated with different kinds of processors that enable it to carry out highly complex operations.

Our advanced support will help you to choose the most suitable device for your needs, depending on where you need to install it and the functions that it must execute.


Superior level of software integration

All the multimedia stands are tested by our planning and production department to ensure that they are compatible with the standard software used in the field of Digital Signage.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
Monitor32″ | 55″
TouchscreenMulti-touch (IR technology)
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
ResolutionFull HD 1080×1920

Enhance your sales point


Multi-use solutions

Venezia multimedia stands are extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of contexts.

This stand is characterised by its ultra-slim design and this feature makes it the ideal choice for places where design is particularly important.



Despite its slim structure, the Venezia indoor multimedia stands can be configured in various ways during the production phase.

This allows the devices to gain further functions and in this way be capable of processing superior calculations.


Direct contact with your brand

The multimedia stands can be an excellent way for creating particularly stimulating sales and informative experiences.



Social and economic benefits

According to various studies on the new management processes for information and modern sales techniques, the benefits of digital signage technology have been confirmed.


The quality is in the detail

The attention to detail in the choice of materials, colours and hardware devices is the result of scrupulous research aimed at developing superior quality products.

Increased visibility and interaction

The world of digital signage is undergoing a lot of changes. The interaction between software and hardware is giving rise to truly appealing multimedia phenomenons.

The correct implementation of multimedia tools can increase your sales ten-fold compared to those who don’t use them.

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