Mantova outdoor multimedia stand

Mantova outdoor multimedia stands are extremely versatile devices, predisposed in production for integration with different peripheral hardware in order to carry out various functions.

A version with double display is also available. It makes possible to use the stands even from different heights.


Touchscreen system with capacitive rear projection technology

This technology means that the screen is extremely touch sensitive and can pick up on pressure through various thick layers of glass and when a user has work gloves on.

Normal touch screens would not function under such conditions.


High brightness 17” display

Our outdoor multimedia stands use exclusively superior luminous displays.

That way, users can take advantage of all the services the device has to offer at any time of the day, regardless of the position that the stand has been installed in.


Predisposed for the peripheral installation of an intercom

Mantova outdoor multimedia stand can be fitted with an intercom.

In other words, it is able to select standard ten-digit telephone numbers as well as multi-frequency ones where dedicated function keys have been fitted.


Superior grade of elaborating capabilities and software integration

Thanks to the new generation Intel® processors, Mantova outdoor multimedia stands are flexible enough to potentially be capable of multiple functions.

The hardware structure also means that they can manage any kind of application.


Structure in AISI 430 steel for outdoor use

This is a solid structure that is resistant to corrosion, very effective in dispersing heat and can be fixed to the ground.

The Mantova external totem stand also has a heater than can reach up to 300 W, a two-fan cooling system and an anti-dust filter.


Rear service side protected by a key-lock system

The mantova external totem stand also has anti-vandal systems on the structure which keep the whole internal set-up safe.

The rear compartment facilitates maintenance work, such as replacing the dust filter.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
TouchscreenCapacitive rear projection technology
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
AccessoriesMechanical predisposition for webcam and intercom
Dimensions (L x H x D)
622 mm x 1428 mm x 291 mm (single display) | 622 mm x 2020 mm x 287.5 mm (double display)
WeightAbout 90 Kg
Operating temperature
From -10°C to + 50°C

Make the most of your space


Multi-use solutions

Mantova multimedia stands are extremely versatile and can be used for various standard functions.

One of its distinguishing features is that various peripheral connectors like an intercom, a badge or barcode reader and many others can easily be integrated, making this device extremely functional and useful for certain context where particular commands can be inserted.



Mantova multimedia external stand is a standard built device but can become an even more valuable tool when customised because it can be easily adapted to any market or sector requirements.


Social and economic benefits

Mantova multimedia external stands aim to be a point of reference in the every day lives of citizens, simplifying access to information and automating administrative processes.


The quality is in the detail

Mantova multimedia external stands are manufactured with great care in order to obtain a solution that can resist under severe weather conditions whilst maintaining a high operational level.

The choice of materials is the result of an elaborate methodological process which mixes experience, passion and skill to create a product that is useful to the users.

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