Multimedia table, advanced interaction

Agrigento 550 multimedia tables are versatile solutions for those who want to allow users to interact on site, thus transforming the sales point into a multimedia area and enhancing the purchasing experience.


Touchscreen up to 32 touches

The Agrigento 550 multimedia tables were designed to allow more than one person to interact simultaneously on the same table.

The 32-touches technology can be adapted to various contexts and can get groups of people involved making it an ideal solution for stores that want to increase the visual influence of their brand.


Superior level of software integration

The Agrigento 550 multimedia tables are designed to integrate perfectly with different kinds of software with the aim of making environments interactive.


Integrated communication systems

The Agrigento 550 multimedia tables have a sophisticated hardware structure which integrates all the communications systems inside the device.

It is possible to autonomously reproduce audio and video without the need for any external support.


Big format display

Agrigento 550 has a 55” wide screen with Full-HD resolution in 16:9.

It responds to commands rapidly and reproduces images in any resolution magnificently.


Superior elaborating capabilities

The superior calculating capabilities are possible thanks to the installation of different kinds of Intel® processors.

These superior performances make it possible to carry out smooth and accurate movements and reduce the reaction times to the touchscreen. This means that users can interact quite naturally and intuitively.


Sturdy steel structure with frame

Agrigento 550 multimedia tables are designed with a stainless steel structure which also contains some USB ports for external peripheral connections.

The display is covered by a glass frame all around the perimeter of the table, which protects the screen from any bangs and also gives the table a classy touch.

TouchscreenMulti-touch up to 32 touches simultaneously (IR technology)
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Accessories Keyboard and mouse wireless

Enhance your sales point


Multi-use solutions

Agrigento 550 multimedia table is a very versatile product which can be adapted to various contexts.

Some of our clients use it to integrate interactive maps, didactic material, or for tourist purposes or to create multimedia shopping models.



The Agrigento multimedia table is a product that tends to respond to the most common needs in the sectors that our clients operate in.

However, our experience and skills allow us to create different types of customised solutions and indeed transform the product into something totally different from the standard starting product.


Direct contact with your brand

Agrigento 550 multimedia table is surely one of the most modern and efficient ways to interact with a particular brand.

The right choice of software combined with the right high impact hardware product has been shown to be an excellent tool for increasing sales.


Social and economic benefits

Various studies have confirmed an increase in sales of up to 55% in stores where multimedia tables are used.

They can also be used to transmit highly emotional or informative messages to an audience, thus increasing the effect of the messages.


The quality is in the detail

The Agrigento 550 multimedia table is a tool with enormous visual impact, designed with attention to detail that involves users and gets them to interact with the products.

Nothing is left to chance and the product can be further customised in line with your store identity.


Increased visibility and interaction

The latest research studies on the functionality of multimedia tools in the sales process show that multimedia tables get noticed ten times more compared to classic communication supports and get people interacting with the brand 89% more than any other communication tool.

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