Multimedia table, innovative interaction

The Skill 550 multimedia tables are versatile solutions that allow users to interact on site, thus transforming the sales point into a multimedia area and enhancing the purchasing experience.


Touchscreen up to 32 touches

The 32-touches multi-touch touchscreen allows multiple users to interact simultaneously on one multimedia table, whilst remaining on the environment.


Sturdy steel structure

This model of multimedia table is equipped with a very resistant steel structure, with the worktable tiltable manually or through a motorized piston (optional).

Integrated communication systems

Skill 550 multimedia tables are built with all the communication systems integrated. They can connect to the Internet and autonomously reproduce audio and video without the need for any external support.


Big format display

Skill 550 multimedia tables are built with a 55″ large sized display able to guarantee visibility and involvement in every kind of context.


Superior elaborating capabilities

The processors installed on the multimedia tables boast a superior calculating capability which means they can smoothly manage applications and reproduce high definition images and videos.

Superior level of software integration

The multimedia tables support all standard use applications and various types of software can be easily integrated, especially those related to e-commerce and sales support.

TouchscreenMulti-touch up to 32 touches simultaneously (IR technology)
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
TopAdjustable inclination

Enhance your sales point


Multi-use solutions

Skill 550 multimedia tables are particularly versatile products because they can be reclined into different positions, morphing from a multimedia board to a mega video.



Skill 550 multimedia tables are in line with market standards but boast hardware designed and produced by Intercomp which can be easily adapted to meet every particular need.


Direct contact with your brand

This multimedia table is a marketing tool able to create a unique and direct relationship between your company and the final user. That way it is possible to highlight something that the majority of your public would not notice.


Social and economic benefits

According to recent market studies on digital signage and all products in this category like multimedia tables, they help to increase user satisfaction and lead to an increase in sales of up to 55% in stores where they are installed.


The quality is in the detail

A scrupulous choice of materials has gone into the making of the Skill 550 multimedia tables, to ensure that maximum visual and tactile impact is obtained.


Increased visibility and interaction

According to recent studies on digital signage devices, multimedia tables get noticed ten times more compared to classic communication supports and get people interacting with the brand 89% more than any other communication tool.

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