Self-service kiosk Torino 190

Torino 190 self-service kiosk is a versatile solution for administration and management of standard administrative tasks and can also be used to print documents in A4.


Sturdy steel structure

Torino 190 self-service kiosk is made out of a sturdy painted steel structure fitted with vandal-proof protection, suitable for various environments.

It comes in a choice of colours and can be supplied with external peripheral connections.


Calculating capabilities and software integration

Torino 190 kiosk can be easily adapted for use with any standard software available in the administration sector.

Thanks to the new generation Intel® technologies it can also boast superior calculating capabilities and can maintain high operational levels even when in continuous use.


Display 19” with touchscreen

The size of the display installed on this self-service kiosk makes the use very practical, thanks also to the integrated touchscreen system.

Users can interact intuitively by using the touchscreen or by using add-on accessories such as keyboard and mouse.


Laser printer

A distinguishing feature of the Torino 190 self-service kiosk is the integrated laser printer.

It can print on front and back and is equipped with a paper drawer that can hold 250 sheets, to which it is possible to add a second (optional) one that can hold 500 sheets.

Italian excellence
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Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
PrinterA4 front/back laser with 250-sheet drawer (optional second 500-sheet drawer)
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D)510 mm x 1470 mm x 510 mm (without keyboard) | 510 mm x 1470 mm x 667 mm (with keyboard)
WeightAbout 65 kg

Increase efficiency and satisfaction


Multi-use solutions

The self-service kiosks can be easily adapted to various administrative contexts, even where specific tasks are required, such as printing documents.



Different configurations can be added to the standard solution, depending on the kind of additional peripheral hardware chosen.

The self-service kiosk can be further customized in line with specific requirements. Our production and design departments are able to promptly implement any request.


Social and economic benefits

The self-service kiosk is an investment in efficiency that brings benefits for both the business and the people.

Repetitive tasks can now be automatized inside a device that simplifies the activities for the users thanks to a rapid and intuitive system and allows companies to save time and money.


The quality is in the detail

Materials and different functions are carefully chosen and studied to provide our customers with reliable and lasting tools.

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