A new working experience

Adaptable, different, powerful. With Pivot All-In-One PC it is possible to transform the work processes into an innovative experience, adapting to any context and need.

It is an ideal solution for offices, but it can eventually be used also for a multitude of diverse context such us shops or even technical departments. Thanks to its processing capacity is able to support advanced graphic or motion graphic software, besides it is particularly indicated for reproducing responsive environments for web designing.


Extraordinary performance

The Pivot All-In-One PC is equipped with latest generation Intel® Core™ processors and guarantees surprising work quality and advanced performance.

It is therefore possible to manage a precise and rapid system, increasing the efficiency of each daily operation.


Adjustable display

The large 24″ or 27″ Full HD display is ideal for any work environment, thanks also to the anti-glare surface and the adjustment possibilities. It is perfect for example for graphic designing necessities.

The PC works smoothly with the main CAD, DCC and scientific applications with a high level of performance, precision, programmability and quality.


Touchscreen version

All-In-One Pivot PC series is also available in a special version equipped with a touchscreen, designed to guarantee maximum interactivity with the user.

It is an extremely precise capacitive touchscreen, equipped with multi-touch technology.


Integrated webcam

The functionality of Pivot All-In-One PC is enhanced by the presence of a webcam with microphone integrated inside the case and extractable at the moment of use.

In fact, they are installed inside a retractable support positioned on the left side of the device.

Integrated displayTFT LCD 24″/27″ with anti-glare surface | Full HD | 16:9 | 1920×1080
AdjustmentsHeight | Tilt | Pivot
TouchscreenOptional version
Webcam and microphoneIntegrated and retractable
CertificationsCE | RoHS

Our service includes


Technical support

Depending on the type of contract stipulated at the time of purchase, it is possible to obtain an advanced technical support service, also on-site.


Post-sales support

Constant direct contact is one of our great advantages. Our retailers can count on a company that is constantly present. We are able to assist with distribution procedures in different phases depending on the requirements arising, to the extent that if necessary we can also put you in touch with the production line.


Free advance replacement service

Becoming a retailer for Intercomp products guarantees the provision of a high-quality service that goes well beyond the products themselves. This service involves immediate substitution of any part that is not in line with the order for any reason, and/or has manufacturing defects.

Customised warranty

Depending on the requirements of our retailers, we are able to offer them different types of warranty, in order to provide immediate service centre repairs, technical support directly on site and long-term extensions to the warranty.

Free consultancy

Our sales support for office computer products also includes a free consultancy service, helping our retailers to choose the most suitable item for satisfying the requirements of their final customers. The result is that an excellent product can be offered without sacrificing the retailer’s profit margin.

Free shipping

In order to meet the needs of our retailers we also offer a free shipping service, a financial benefit with the guarantee of a high-quality service.

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