Reliability and power for every activity

Desktop PC MT14 is a device offering a high level of technology, a very sophisticated solution capable of dealing with a substantial workload with great rapidity.


Excellent value for money

Intercomp desktop PCs are designed to stand out in the high-quality market, providing a unique solution at an advantageous price.

All the materials are produced and selected with care and their quality is tested using rigid quality control tests.

It is a very powerful line using last generation Intel® processors and graphics drivers able to support up to 3 monitors.


VGA DVI and HDMI display ports

Desktop PC MT14 is equipped with all video outputs in order to reduce costs for the final user, should he find himself working with video systems not updated with the latest hardware technology.

This makes it possible to offer very advantageous proposals in contexts where cost-effectiveness is an added value.


Advanced sound system

The latest generation audio system allows devices to take advantage of a high-performance technology.

This allows our desktop PCs to easily adapt to different contexts.


Energy optimisation

Intercomp products are all certified according to the regulations in force within the European Community, with the addition of 80 plus certification (85+).

This is a double guarantee for our distributors, certifying a sustainable production paying attention to the environment but also to final users, who will be able to use products with low energy consumption.


Easily expandable system

The desktop PC MT14 has various expansion slots, including those for possible additional external peripherals not provided for on the standard model.

This has allowed our desktop PCs to acquire considerable added value, because the same computers can be adopted over time, by updating the components with more recent technology.


High performance

The MT14 series is designed in order to produce a device that could be easily adapted to various environments.

Its compact size and high level of efficiency make it ideal for dealing with every kind of office work.

This type of desktop PC can also be configured to satisfy multiple needs and can easily become a high-quality workstation.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial process.
Supported processors
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight
170 mm x 365 mm x 405 mm | About 7 kg for average configuration
CertificationsCE | RoHS
Power supply350 W ATX active PFC

A reliable ally


Technical support

Our technical support division provides prompt support according to the needs initially expressed by our retailers.

With the use of multi-channel Internet and traditional services we maintain continuous direct contact with distributors of office hardware products, thus providing immediate support in the event of problems.


Strategic support

The quality of our service is also measured by the ability of our customer service department to respond to the needs of our suppliers and support them throughout every phase in distribution.

We offer free technical consultancy and support in drawing up offers for final users, as in the case of public calls for tender, working together to find the most competitive solution for the specific case.


Tested and guaranteed products

The strategic structure of our production line guarantees products complying with European certification regulations, to which we add supplementary and traceable phases of quality control.

This is a fundamental approach to determining the quality of a solution produced with care.


Tracking of orders

From the moment a product begins its lifecycle within our hardware production line, it can be accurately tracked throughout the various phases.

A sensor placed inside the tray in which the computer components are positioned and processed allows our clients to understand exactly how their order is progressing.



As for all other devices, for Intercomp the customisation of Desktop PCs is an extremely important element.

Each user has certain specific needs that must be reinterpreted and processed strategically in order to achieve the best possible solution.


Free shipping

Intercomp’s logistics department offers a free delivery service, which can in its turn become of significant assistance in the distribution phase.

Many of our customers exploit the services offered by our department to manage the order in the most convenient manner, receiving supplies in instalments.

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