Rackmount 4U PC, unlimited power

Rack Cora 4100 PCs are ideal solutions for those requiring a PC terminal mounted on a rack cabinet with potential for expansion and surprising computing power.


Suitable for continuous use

The rack Cora 4100 PC series has a solid structure capable of satisfying different functions, with a remarkable operating capacity.

This product line is distinguished by potential flexibility, with the possibility to be adapted to complex working conditions where a high level of operations is required over a long period of time.

The PC is equipped with special dust filters that can be removed to facilitate periodic cleaning.


High-performance graphics

Rack Cora 4100 PCs exploit the most up-to-date graphic technology offered by the market, such as Intel® HD drivers.

They are the ideal platform for those who need to use rackmount systems in environments where high level graphic performance is necessary.


Dedicated graphics cards supported

To support the high-performance graphics offered by Intel® HD drivers, it is possible to integrate dedicated graphics cards.

In fact, there are expansion slots on the device for PCI Express peripherals.


Integrated RAID controller

The superior performance of this line is guaranteed not only by Intel® HD graphics drivers, but also by the presence of integrated RAID controllers and the capacity of expanding RAM.

This rack PC can boast surprising power, making it possible to optimise working processes.


Rack cabinet assembly

Rack Cora 4100 PCs have been designed based on the 19″ standard, universally valid for rack cabinets.

The hardware structure has been manufactured in order to maintain the correct operating temperature, guaranteeing the safety of the workplace and avoiding overheating that would block the whole system.


Huge potential for expansion

Rack Cora 4100 PCs offer extensive availability of I/O ports of various kinds, offering enormous flexibility.

They are equipped with PCI slots to accommodate add-on cards, expansion bus to extend RAM and bays for the addition of internal and external peripherals.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can use our expertise to adapt our solutions to your needs.
I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
Supported processorsIntel®
Operating temperature
From +5°C to +35°C
VideoIntegrated | Dedicated on PCI Express

Quality services


Pre-sales and post-sales assistance

Intercomp guarantees constant direct contact with the customer.

Our customer support service is structured in order to become a strategic partner for all activities. This will allow to choose the best available solution to offer to the customers, counting on our constant support.



Rack Cora 4100 PCs are subjected to rigid quality control tests, above all certifying their excellent performance also inside the rackmount cabinets, where a specific operating temperature is required.

All our devices comply with European regulations regarding the manufacturing of products.


Advance replacement service

Intercomp‘s technical support service and warranty allow all our retailers to use an advance replacement service

This choice is aimed at immediately solving any critical problem.


Order status

Thanks to a sophisticated system for the management of products, we are able to provide all our retailers with accurate tracking of the orders.

Traceability data can be consulted from the personal area of our site or can be verified directly by our customer service department.


Free shipping

It is possible to make use of a free logistical service.

Our customers can manage the supplying of their order in instalments, in order to transform the shipping of our products in a strategic element.


Customizable configuration

PC racks, like all other Intercomp products, can be configured in a personalized way.

Based on their specific business needs, our customers can request the configuration they consider most suitable.

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