Compact high-performance PC
Explorer DT19 is a Compact PC with hybrid nature, very similar to a standard Desktop PC in terms of performance, but with more compact dimensions. It is designed in a wide variety of available configurations.

Suitable for horizontal or vertical use

A Compact PC is the ideal solution to optimize the office space.

The DT19 PC in fact can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.


80 Plus (80+) mark

It is an energy certification mark showing our customers that our products are made in line with European regulations regarding energy saving and environmental sustainability.

Intel® HD graphics

The graphic capabilities of the DT19 Compact PC can reach advanced levels, allowing to reproduce multimedia files of any size.

The versatility of this device can increase considerably, thanks to the PCI Express x16 slot.


Integrated communication systems

Audio and video are integrated within the hardware system of the DT19 Compact PC, which also is equipped with a RAID controller, allowing much safer and more rapid management of the data.

Support for 4K monitors

The DT19 Compact PC is capable of supporting 4K monitors developed using the latest modern technology, which have already superseded innovative 3D vision and represent the new standard for high quality reproduction of images.

Up to 2 monitors simultaneously

The DT19 Compact PC is a flexible solution designed to offer the performance of a standard PC while remaining compact in terms of dimensions.

The device offers can support up to two monitors simultaneously.

Modern design
A structure designed in order to optimize your operations and allow to work better.
Supported processors
Socket LGA 1151 Intel® Core™ (eighth generation), Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Pentium®
Dimensions (L x H x D)
333 mm x 96 mm x 383 mm
WeightAbout 6 kg for medium configuration
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Operating temperatureFrom +5°C to +35°C

Our service includes


Technical support

Advanced technical support both in terms of customer support and the management of problems.

Our support centres and our technical office have the necessary expertise to intervene immediately in the event of problems.


Pre-sales and post-sales assistance

Intercomp has an expert internal support service that is capable of interacting effectively on different levels.

It covers all the activities necessary in order to ensure the best sales package for customers, with the intention of working together to obtain the most appropriate configuration for specific requirements.


Advance replacement service

The service is directed at all our retailers and was developed to assist them with procedures for exchanging broken items, both in terms of repair schedules and effective costs.

Free shipping

The free shipping service also includes the option to manage the order in a strategic manner according to requirements.

We indeed offer all our retailers the chance to organise divided delivery of an order within a specific period of time, agreed on each occasion with our contacts, without any additional charge, either for logistical management or transport costs.


Exclusive warranty

The distributors of our office hardware products are entitled to manage the warranty conditions in a personalised manner.

It is therefore possible to include assistance directly in the area where the installation takes place (on site) or to extend the warranty beyond 24 months.


Customised configuration

Our compact DT19 PCs are highly adaptable devices: our design and manufacturing divisions already offer a considerable number of possible configurations as standard.

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