Super compact high performance PC

PC NUC Explorer DT16 is a compact device offering high performance and suitable for different environments and devices. It is the ideal solution for those needing to exploit a limited space to best effect.


Horizontal or vertical use

This type of Compact PC has been designed with the scope of best managing the available space, while at the same time maintaining superior levels of performance.

It can thus be positioned vertically or horizontally, but it can also be mounted behind the monitor, if there is a universal VESA interface attachment.


2 monitors management

This is a highly dynamic compact solution that makes it possible to efficiently manage up to 2 screens simultaneously, thus also making it suitable for workplace environments where a certain computing capacity is required.

Intel® HD graphics

Surprising graphic performance thanks to the Intel® graphics drivers are mounted on these devices.

Thanks to these solutions, the versatility of these products increases considerably.


Integrated communication systems

All the audio and video cards and network systems are perfectly integrated within the structure of the Compact PC.

This approach has been adopted to optimise the use of space, without in any way diminishing the quality of the device.


80 Plus (80+) mark

It is an energy certification mark demonstrating that our products are in line with European and global standards relating to energy saving and sustainability.

We reduce the environmental impact in the production phase and reduce energy consumption costs for our customers.


4K monitors supported

4K monitors have been developed using last generation technology, having superseded innovative 3D vision and becoming the new standard for high quality reproduction of images.
Modern design
A structure designed in order to optimize your operations and allow to work better.
Processors supportedIntel®
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight117 mm x 112 mm x 51 mm | About 0,75 kg for average configuration
Keyboard and mouse Italian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
AccessoriesVESA mount bracket | Kensington lock hole
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +35°C

Our service includes


Technical support

Advanced technical support, both in the technical support phase and during consultancy in the period preceding the sale.

Our production line and support service have all the resources necessary to repair and provide support for devices when problems arise, sorting out any problems in the shortest possible time.


Pre-sales and post-sales assistance

Intercomp believes that the real difference lies in the relationship developed as well as the products and services provided.

Our intention is to create a direct and continuous connection with every one of our distributors at the different stages in the sales process.

Provision of strategic support for our partners in the event of calls for tender, or development of more economical solutions for a specific event.


Advance replacement service

An exclusive service for our retailers, ensuring our widespread presence throughout the territory, but also our ability to interact with all our retailers.

This strategy has allowed us to set up a structure capable of dealing immediately with any problems by substituting parts rapidly.


Free shipping

Intercomp’s policy is based on the supplying of products, but within the context of a vast range of services, included or customised.

For this reason we take care of shipping costs, if necessary also adding the possibility of management of distribution and delivery.


Customised warranty

Our warranty conditions comply with the European standards imposed by law.

In addition, we offer the possibility of extending the warranty period and of requesting on-site repairs.


Customised computer configuration

Thanks to our production line, we are able to offer a line of products with a high level of customisation, in terms of different mechanical aspects.

We also offer customers the chance to configure the computer according to their personal specifications, in such a way as to give concrete form to a solution that will in any case be specially constructed for a specific environment through a range of standard combinations.

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