Digital Signage means visibility and innovation

To adopt Digital Signage systems is usually finalized to increase the visibility of your brand or product or make more efficient the management of certain practices, for example by computerizing some administrative processes.

But what do we mean when we refer to the Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage?

It can be seen as an evolution of information and advertising banners, but with dynamic content and digital media.

So indoor and outdoor screens can become the means by which to convey service, tourism, advertising, weather information or other one with continuous updates, in a dynamic and an impact way.

⭕️ The novelty is that content can be updated and edited at any time and in a relatively fast time.

Based on our experience, we have found that these contents can be of various kinds:

  • text, such as messages or service information;
  • images, such as photos of products or tourist destinations;
  • video, promotional, demonstrative or otherwise;
  • articulated presentations, which include various types of messages.

⭕️ The Digital Signage screens are more and more advanced, interactive and have great sizes. Technological innovation has allowed these devices to attract and engage people more, compared to the first billboards.

⭕️ The contents are conveyed in a personalized way, through more or less articulated presentations. And all aim to increase the visibility and credibility of the brand, allowing customer loyalty.

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It is a constantly evolving sector, which is expanding in all product categories:

  • retail, with screens in retail and multimedia totems points that allow the customer to interact;
  • tourism and public administration, with presentations about tourist information but also service, the cultural events of a municipality to institutional information. In this area, more and more interactive stands are taking place where the administration provides services to the citizen;
  • private companies, in which internal screens are used to provide service information mainly to internal staff, but also company presentations regarding products or the company itself;
  • banks, which are increasingly popular multimedia stands or Self Service Kiosk with which the customer can carry out small operations independently.


What are its potentials?

According to the latest market analysis, a number of peculiar features are highlighted:

  1. an increase in sales compared to stores without Digital Signage instruments;
  2. an increase of the degree of user satisfaction using structures such as Interactive Self Service Kiosk;
  3. a reduction of the administrative staff workload where devices are installed, which allow you to computerize some information practices.

Indeed it was noted that specific products advertised through the Digital Signage are bought mainly by customers.


⭕️ The countless types of screens today allow various customizations, with very special design solutions.

Interactivity and personalisation

The Digital Signage guarantees, in almost every aspect of life, interactivity with users at an administrative, informational, tourist level…

People consult multimedia totems or interface themselves with screens for information, quickly conclude special operations and much more.

One of the greatest potentialities is the personalizing message to be conveyed, not only in terms of content but also depending on time and period.

Some uses of Digital Signage

A Digital Signage product differs mainly for:

  1. continuous updating of content;
  2. interactivity of the navigation path and content usage;
  3. customization capabilities of the structures, with prints and special airbrush;

Interacting through an interactive totem or Self Service Kiosk attracts people enormously, who can search for their favorite products but also acquire information.

⭕️ The Digital Signage products are increasingly improving, especially for structures used in outdoor.

The engineering of the structures that contain the entire hardware system has reached very high standards. In fact:

  • are able to withstand the most critical weather conditions;
  • use air conditioning technologies for internal cooling
  • the screens are also visible with constant and direct light conditions.
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Alcuni usi del Digital Signage


Some operating environments can be for example:

  • Hospitals
  • University
  • Transportation
  • Retail Stores
  • Public administrations
  • Tourist sites

All environments that wish to have interactive and dynamic information content.

By offering customized information allowing people to interact in order to make more efficient and effective user experience in the facilities where there are installed.

Through appropriate interactive stands is in fact possible to computerize administrative practices such as for example the case developed in collaboration with the city of Turin, Torino Facile.

With the city of Turin, we were able, within a single solution to sharing capabilities to fulfill functions related to:

  1. Biological testament
  2. Registry office
  3. Contravention and permits
  4. Private construction
  5. ISEE facilitated performance
  6. Educational services
  7. Tributes and taxes
  8. Cemeteries


⭕️ This is a system that makes its information or advertising message very effective and immediate for the user or for a customer experience.

If you believe that your store needs to increase its ability to communicate or if you feel you have to streamline administrative practices by increasing the satisfaction of your users, please contact us.

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