E-bike charging stations, basic version: simple, fast and customizable

The basic e-bike charging stations are designed to make the battery charge recovery extremely simple and quick. They are designed to be customized both with some useful functions and on the aesthetic side, with the possibility of branding.

charging stations for electric bikes


Up to 110% deduction

Circular No. 19/E of 8th July 2020 published by the Italian Tax Revenue Agency introduces a 50% deduction relating to the costs incurred on the purchase and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The deduction, as reported by Agenzia delle Entrate, can reach 110% if the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of the recharging points meet the requirements introduced by the Superbonus 110%.


Easy to manage and use

The basic e-bike charging stations are designed for an extremely intuitive use. They can be equipped with four connectors and a LED bar located on the top to indicate that the charging process is active.

It requires no maintenance. The choice of the material, which is very resistant and not subject to deterioration over time, is in fact based on the experience acquired in the creation of outdoor multimedia stands.


Outdoor devices

The charging stations and their connectors are equipped with protection against atmospheric agents. The degree of protection of the structure (IP54) and sockets (IP66) allows installation in the external environment.

In addition, the steel case that covers the internal electrical structure prevents both water and air from infiltration, with resistance to temperature changes resulting from the weather or seasonal variations in the climate.

charging stations for electric bikes


Optional functions

This model of charging station for electric bikes includes the possibility of installing some optional features to make the device even more complete, both for the managers and for the users themselves.

In fact, it is possible to choose the differential power supply, classic or equipped with the auto-restore function of the electric current in case of voltage drop, as well as a rack


Customizable aesthetics

The basic charging station can be customized aesthetically with the colours and with the customer’s brand or to harmonize perfectly within each context, using its dominant tones.

In fact, this is a very useful option to brand a solution that can help increase the reputation and visibility of the brand (and consequently of the company) owner of the columns. 


Installation and security

The basic e-bike charging stations can be installed on the ground, through an anchoring structure or alternatively using the special pedestal designed to guarantee the device stability and safety.

The robustness of the steel case also allows the e-bikes charging station to maintain its original shape without damage after suffering a blow, especially in the case of installations carried out in rather busy areas. 

Italian excellence

We have been manufacturing industrial and customized hardware for over 37 years. We collaborate with Italian excellences to create solutions suitable for specific needs.

We are therefore used to creating technologies that guarantee functionality even in outdoor environments or subject to conditions of high stress.

Size1526 mm x 377 mm x 235 mm
Number of sockets
Socket protectionIP66
Structure protectionIP54
Nominal voltage230/240 V AC
Rated current10 A
Operating temperatureFrom -5°C to +40°C
CertificationsCe | RoHS

Hardware and services for over 37 years

e-bike charging stations


Acceptance test and quality

The stations comply with the regulations in force in the European Union. In any case, Intercomp carries out further acceptance tests to verify the behaviour of components and products in specific stress conditions.

It is also important to remember that all data and results relating to the checks that are carried out on the devices are 100% traceable by our customers.


Customer requirements

As a manufacturer of industrial hardware for over 37 years we have been used to review the list of components together with our interlocutors, in order to clarify and analyse costs in detail from the initial stages.

This is in fact a significant advantage, both in terms of always offering solutions with the highest level of quality and to create excellent synergy with the customer. 



In the case of products and solutions with specific requirements or special customizations, the design and production phases are followed by a sampling of pre-series.

This prototyping process is carried out by our company mainly in order to allow the customer to have an overview of the product before its full production.

e-bike charging stations


Custom design

E-bike charging stations are a series of products that can be customized on request, as has been the case for years for our solutions relating to the world of industry and digital signage.

The design and production of our devices can be customized according to the preferences of our customers and the different application contexts in which they will be inserted.


Software integration

It is possible to provide, if necessary, a special software integration that allows e-bike charging stations to communicate with third-party payment or localization tools.

We design each of our devices to make it fully integrable within the environment in which it will work, thus allowing customers to save time and resources.


Technical support

Intercomp support extends far beyond technical assistance. We work to ensure maximum success for our customers, through a solid relationship built to enhance production capacity, efficiency and quality.

Through our support, companies can therefore benefit in all respects from concrete help in choosing and configuring the best solutions for their needs and their contexts. 

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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