iCE 29300 Embedded PC compact
The use of highly sophisticated technologies makes the compact Embedded PCs reliable devices that can be utilised in environments where a great operational effort is required, but where space is particularly limited.

Suitable for continual use

These compact Embedded PCs are able to work at full capacity, as though they were normal sized devices.

They are excellent industrial use tools with a low economic impact and they can work in critical conditions and in limited space.


Fanless system

The fanless cooling system uses particularly sophisticated technology that enables it to be inserted into the reduced size device.

Despite its small dimensions, it is still able to maintain an excellent thermal balance.


Wall attachment, DIN rail

The compact Embedded PC comes with either a wall mounted assembly kit or a DIN trolley one, depending on client requirements.

If wall mounted, the device can be adapted to various structures such as a monitor if it is used as a mini support for an operating panel.


Steel structure for industrial environments

The compact Embedded PC is made from a steel painted solid frame designed for industrial environments.

The solid case is solid is created in a modern and functional design which is able to efficiently dissipate heat.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.
Dimensions (L x H x D)
116 mm x 65 mm x 110 mm
AccessoriesWall mount kit
Operative SystemsAll industrial software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Antenna (optional)
2G4 -2dBi R-AN2400-5701 RS

Having a better industrial automation solution


Possibility to integrate software

All of our Embedded PCs can be configured with any kind of industrial use software.

Upon request, we can also include two versions of applications for the control and management of industrial processes. They can differ based on the complexity of the operations that they will have to execute.


European Certification for production

The compact Embedded PCs are also certified in line with the production regulations that all countries inside the European Union are bound to.

The products undergo further tests aimed at recreating critical situations that can typically occur in automated industrial systems.

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