Industrial embedded fanless box PC

Drake X | Ultra Compact – Rich I/O – Multiple LAN & PoE

Lead time: 4 weeks

Industrial Drake X box PC

Drake X series includes a complete range of box and embedded PC solutions for wall mount and/or book mount installations, ideal for any performance requirement and for any operating context. The entire line is equipped with wide configurability and expansion possibilities, with a large number of accessories and expansion cards for the interfaces.


Industrial design

Embedded box PC systems are solutions designed for industrial applications and can therefore operate in dusty contexts or environments subject to cold temperatures.

The entire Drake X industrial series ranges from embedded mini-PCs with low-power processors to modular box PCs equipped with Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors.


High expandability

Drake X series is designed to respond and adapt to the demands of industrial devices capable of sampling an ever-increasing number of data and controlling all I/O signals in real time.

For example, this series has the possibility of expanding up to 8 LAN ports: by installing a PCI Express card it is in fact possible to add up to four LANs in addition to the four already present.


Optimal performance

All Drake X solutions offer 100% performance even at the extremes of the declared operating temperature, guaranteeing high performance combined with lower energy consumption.

These industrial PCs can in fact operate in environments with temperatures from -20° to +70° C and have passed rigorous international certifications to be used in any industrial context.


Software integration

Our entire series of box PC and embedded PC solutions can easily integrate operating systems such as Linux or Windows IoT, thanks to our historic partnership with Microsoft.

It is also possible to pre-install SCADA-type software solutions such as Movicon.Next™ or Movicon™ 11.6 by Emerson Automation, providing our customers with a complete bundle solution.

Ultra Compact

Multiple installation modes

RAM DDR3L up to 8 GB

Dimensions: 150 x 106 x 45 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Fanless cooling system

Rich I/O

High availability of I/O interfaces

RAM DDR4 up to 16 GB

Intel® Core™ processor

Wall mount or desktop installation

Fanless cooling system

Multiple LAN & PoE

Multiple LAN interfaces with PoE support

High availability of additional interfaces

Intel® Core™ processor

RAM DDR4 up to 16 GB

Fanless cooling system

Ultra Compact
Rich I/O
Multiple LAN & PoE
Ultra Compact model
1E1xRich I/O model
2E15Multiple LAN &PoE model
Ultra Compact model1410Rich I/O model2T35Multiple LAN &PoE model3T30D
Rich I/O model2310Multiple LAN &PoE model3630
Rich I/O model2415
 Rich I/O model
 Rich I/O model2810
Rich I/O model
Rich I/O model
Rich I/O model

Quality industrial automation


Immediate lead time

As a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of hardware solutions we felt it was vital to ensure immediate availability of the most common products to our customers.

We can supply the warehouse with the material necessary for the production or prompt delivery of the devices.



This series of products includes solutions capable of covering most industrial needs. In case of special needs we can support customers by proposing customized configurations.

Thanks to the experience in over 40 years of activity and to international partnerships, we can integrate our systems according to needs.


Maximum reliability

One of the characteristics that distinguishes these solutions, unlike the commercial versions, is the life cycle both in terms of resistance and in terms of continuity of supply.

In fact, they are destined to last up to 7-10 years in industrial contexts, with a continuity of supply for 7 years in case of criticality.


PC for critical environments

Intercomp branded industrial computers have passed strict evaluation criteria and quality tests and for this reason are able to operate 24/7 in all industrial contexts.

We are talking about environments with dust, changes in temperature, vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances and electrostatic discharges.

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