Planning, development and research
The planning department, like the production one, is at the heart of Intercomp, the place in which the ideas of the people we talk to start to take shape; they are filtered by our engineers and then transformed into high quality solutions.

It’s a highly qualified department made up of various skilled professionals from the fields of research, material analysis, mechanical design, software development and hardware design.

Apart from these skills and the experience acquired over the years, the thing that really makes this department stand out is the synergy between all the different elements involved in this complex and fascinating creative process.


Mechanical design

The mechanical design process aims to come up with solutions that will offer the best balance between product practicality and user needs.

It’s a particularly delicate process which needs to take into account the hardware requirements and the requirements of the people using it, so that all the elements can work together in harmony.

A combination of creativity and technical skill is required to modernise the relationship between man and machine.


Hardware design

The hardware design is the foundation on which all the functions of our devices are based and on which it must be possible to add and integrate various applications or other devices.

It’s the sophisticated building of modules and functions that must be continually updated in order to transform vague concepts into concrete ideas. It is founded in constant scientific research and a deep synergy with the software development team.



Software design

The Software Design Department works in complete harmony with the other research and development areas and breathes life into every electronic device, communicating in an efficient manner with other machines and users.

Through the implementation of Programs, Services, Drivers and Firmware the software design allows the end-users of Intercomp services to find a Partner that they can entrust with the management of complicated developments and integrations, both at a high and low level.

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Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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