Industrial engineering
The quality guarantee of Intercomp solutions is based on the dedicated internal production structure. The development, assembly and control of all devices are designed and managed here. 

There are only a few companies across the whole of Europe that can boast such a production line. The Intercomp brand is only awarded to products that pass all of the rigorous tests that each device and every single component is subjected to. The final test is conducted in accordance with the ‘Burn-in’ rules, during which all computers are subjected to extreme temperatures and extreme activity.

All the test parameters, from single components to software release (BIOS, Firmware), from personalisations to test reports, are all associated to the system ID which conserves all the data, which can be traced. All this data, upon request, can be made available to the client via reserved access to our IT system.


The production site

One of the most important aspects of Intercomp is its hardware production premises, which take up 2100 m² out of a total of 9000. About 1300 m² are taken up by the actual production line and the other 800 are for storage of any parts that may be needed on the production line.

The production capacity is about 70000 a year. There are currently 25 dedicated workers.



Production line

The production line is automatad thanks to a series of electronically controlled transport reels.

Each computer is assigned one unique ID number right from the start. The workers, directed by the IT system, assemble the parts on ready to go platforms which automatically move the system along to the next steps, the testing and the packaging phases.



Dielectric inflexibility and IMQ

The aim is to check that there is sufficient insulation between the electric cable and the metal cabinet as well as the continuity between the metal cabinet and the ground contact in the plug.

A robotic arm connects the metal cabinet and the electric cable to the appropriate measuring instrument. If a computer fail to pass the automatic test, then the intervention of a worker who can make further checks, is requested.


Burn-in entry

An internal lift positions the computers on three floors; the chamber can hold up to 300 units at any one time.

The heating system creates thermal jolts, from one extreme to the other, in order to identify any potential malfunctions (the internal temperature of the PC goes to +46°C). After 18 hours of continual on and off cycles and various other tests, the diagnostic system registers all activities carried out on the files and any anomalies. After it has been analysed, the file is saved and conserved.


Burn-in exit

Only the computers which successfully pass all the tests are removed from the Burn-in chamber by a worker. They are then sent via a series of automatic reels to an analysis area where the log of all the tests carried out can be examined and the final manual tests can be conducted.


Final test

After the operating system has been activated, a further final check of the consistency between the order received and the Each computer is connected to a monitor in the specific test areas in order to verify its correct functioning.


Additional tasks and packaging

Labelling, the insertion of user manuals, user licenses, accessories, the final cleaning and the packaging of the product, bring the production cycle to a close. The sealed boxes are placed on the last reel connected to a shoot which sends the packages directly down to the warehouse. The complete large packages are then ready for delivery.



Intercomp makes an order management service available to its clients. This service allows our clients to use staggered delivery to facilitate subsequent distribution on the market.

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