Compact 7 industrial panel PC HMI

Compact 7 PC, with a 7″ display, is part of the series of industrial HMI panel PCs with a small format with with capacitive or resistive touchscreen, capable of managing all industrial processes within any operating context in an extremely efficient way.


7" display

The 7″ display of this HMI, thanks to its compactness, is ideal for monitoring the process at the end of the line.

It features a front plastic frame and is suitable for critical industrial contexts, with a protection degree that reaches IP65 on the front surface.


ARM® processor

Thanks to the ARM® type CPU technology, the HMI Compact 7  is able to support any industrial-type software solution used in automation operating contexts.

This is an essential feature for monitoring processes via HMI devices, based on Linux 4.4.12 or WEC 7 operating systems.


Capacitive or resistive touchscreen

The HMI Compact 7 series is compatible with capacitive or resistive touchscreen, to adapt to the needs of the industrial context in which the devices are installed.

The display is also equipped with a front LED which informs the operator of the status of the device.


Fanless cooling system

HMI Compact 7 is designed with a fanless cooling system which considerably increases the value and efficiency of the device in industrial environments.

This technology can maintain the temperature at optimal levels without raising dust.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Display7″ | 800 x 480
USB2 x 2.0
LAN1 x RJ45
COM1 x RS232/422/485
Dimensions204 mm x 150 mm x 42.5 mm
Weight0.9 kg
InstallationPanel mount | VESA 75
CertificationsUL , CE, RoHS
TouchscreenCapacitive or resistive
Degree of protectionFront IP65
Operating temperatureFrom 0° C to +50° C
Non operating temperatureFrom -30° C to +70° C
Cooling systemFanless

Quality industrial automation


European Certification

HMI Compact series is supplied with the European Certification of production, to which are added further tests necessary to control the resistance of the product.

These tests represent an additional quality assurance for customers, who can verify the specifications of the devices.


Software integration

As with all Intercomp branded industrial solutions, HMI Compact 7 can also be integrated with the software most commonly used in industrial environments.

In fact, it can support many types of solutions for the control of production processes and can therefore be used in a wide variety of operational contexts.


Customer requirements

Together with the customer, a list of supply requirements is set up already in the design phase, to create a synergy that allows benefits for both parties.

This type of collaboration is an essential requirement for Intercomp in order to create quality solutions, which we have always guaranteed to our customers.


Advanced technical support

Our advanced support can respond to every technical request: our skills, combined with those of the customer, allow to achieve better results.

Through extremely precise feasibility studies it is in fact possible to carefully select the most advanced, efficient and reliable technologies available on the market.

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