Hospital palmtop

Hospital palmtop is an excellent tool for healthcare wards suitable for the management and checking of every day hospital activities, thanks to the reader for barcode printed on medical bracelets. It’s a great light weight, ergonomic and easy to use solution.


7” display

The 7” palmtop display is suitable for practical controls and for checking every day ward activities related to the patients.

Screen rotation can be easily disabled with a function key.


High performance

The medical palmtop is designed to support medical applications of a certain weight.

Thanks to the Intel® Atom® processors the device guarantees high performance with a standard 4 GB RAM memory right up to a maximum of 32 GB.


Wi-Fi connection

One of the distinguishing features of this product that is particularly appreciated by our clients is the stable Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to its network system, the device can get a strong signal even when it is far away from the transmitters.


1D /2D barcode scanner

The QR code reader system is very accurate even in case of wear or small size of the code printed on the bracelets.

It’s an excellent function for controls and checks on patients, which makes the medical palmtop a very practical device, with an ergonomic handhold designed to avoid strain to the medical staff.


Protection and shatter resistant from heights

The medical palmtop boasts an excellent grade of protection which keeps it safe from dust particles or any liquid spray.

Thanks to the casing around the device, it is also shatter-proof and will not break or get damaged if it falls from distances of up to 90 cm.


Add-on accessories

The medical palmtop is usually supplied with a multi-functional battery charger which has different hardware USB ports to which further peripheral connections such as a monitor or keyboard can be attached.

Italian excellence

All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.

Monitor7” LCD 800×1200
TouchscreenMulti-touch up to 10 touches
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software (Windows 10 included)
LAN Wireless Bluetooth GPSIntegrated
SystemIntel® Bay Trail
Memory capacity
RAM 4GB | Storage 32GB
Camera 8 MP (rear) | 2 MP (front)
Battery 4100 mAh
Dimensions (L x H x D)
200 mm x 121 mm x 14.5 mm

Improve efficiency in healthcare organisations


The quality is in the detail

There is attention to detail.

The ergonomic handhold is created to be practical for medical staff. It’s a light weight and easy to use solution.


Structure can be cleaned in line with sector regulations

The medical palmtop is a device created specifically for use in healthcare organisations with the aim of guaranteeing maximum hygiene.


Guaranteed for up to 12 months

The warranty for the medical palmtop can be for up to 12 months.

If necessary it is possible to extend it further through a specific contractual agreement.


Real benefits

The benefits are instant. All healthcare organisations are in the process of digitalising their activities, thereby reducing the margin of error and increasing the efficiency.

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